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Sustainable Supply Chain Management for Finance and
Friday 24th June 2022
Thursday 14th July 2022 by 13.00 hours UK Time
Feedback will be in Week commencing 1st August 2022 through Blackboard.
This assessment is worth 75% of the marks for this module
Submit coursework by the due time and date as instructed on the module
blackboard site. You are strongly advised not to leave your hand-in until the
deadline as this can result in lateness penalties due to many unforeseen
circumstances including queues, PC problems, file problems etc.
Learning Outcomes addressed
LO3 Analyse new, novel or abstract data using an appropriate range of subject-specific
techniques. Judges the reliability, validity and significance of evidence to support
LO4 Operate in complex, unpredictable environments, requiring selection and application
from a range of often standard techniques and information sources
LO5 Work with ideas at a level of abstraction, arguing from competing perspectives.
Identifies the possibility of new concepts within existing knowledge frameworks
and approaches
The Portfolio is final assessment on the module and requires you to build on your work in
Seminars. You need to:
1. Submit a 2000 word report (excluding references, tables and diagrams) evaluating
a selected aspect of either Social or Environmental performance in the Supply
Chain of your chosen commodity.
2. Submit your work on exploring the social media data set on a Sustainable Supply
Chains in the topic of your choice, showing the work you have done in creating data
visualisations and a dashboard and analysing your results. (750 – 1000 words
excluding diagrams).
Weightings for each item are shown below.
In addition to the guidance below, and that delivered in Seminars, Blackboard will have a
summary guidance Panopto video for the portfolio assessment.
Report on Commodity Supply Chain Sustainability Performance (2000 words, 60%)
This report addresses evaluation of performance in ONE area of sustainability in the
Supply Chain of a commodity of your choice. A list of potential Commodities to explore is
given below. The report should represent an evaluation of performance through critical
evaluation of secondary data sources. A suggested structure and word count allocation is
given below:
1. Introduction clearly setting out the report contents and the aspect of Sustainability
performance you are evaluating in your commodity supply chain. (250 words)
2. Methodology for searches of the academic literature and other sources (250 words)
3. Commodity overview (150 words)
4. Sustainability and Supply Chain Performance Data for the chosen area of
evaluation (100 words as data presentation should be in tables not included in word
5. Critical evaluation of Supply Chain performance on your chosen sustainability focus
(800 words)
6. Recommendations for improvement (250 words)
7. Conclusions (200 words)
8. References (single reference list at the end of document and NOT included in the
word count)
Commodities List
Choose one of these OR consult Module Staff on any alternative you wish to pursue
Food- Fruit and
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Analysis of Social Media Data Set (750 – 1000 words, 40%)
Through the digital skills development in Lectures and Seminars on the module, you will
have chosen a substantial and unique data set from social media related to your chosen
Sustainability topic and you will have established a collection of data visualisations of your
data set using either EXCEL,Tableau Software OR a mixture of both. You are required
to produce a critical analysis of your results. In order to do this, you must follow the tasks
1. Introduction – a brief overview of the contents of your analysis. (100 words)
2. Presentation of Results and critical analysis (500 – 750 words). Presentation of
data in either Tableau OR Excel through Charts as covered in videos posted
to the Refer Defer area
3. Conclusions (100 – 150 words).
4. References (single reference list at the end of document).
A note on Word Count
The overall word count is 3000 words. Guidance on using this is given above but students
may deviate from this if they wish so for example, students can split the two pieces of work
in the Portfolio 1300 words: 700 words. It is recommended however, that you do not
deviate too much as this will impact on marks awarded for evaluation or analysis – you
need to ensure you have enough word count to do this well in both pieces of work in the
Single-spaced, 12-point text, standard margins.
References should be in a single list in Alphabetical order. Do not keep web references
separate, do not forget the access dates for the latter.
Report Structure/Layout:
Title page – should state your report Title which should clearly state your chosen
Company for analysis
No Student ID (Anonymous Marking)
Word Count total and breakdown for Report and Analysis of Social Media Data Set
Contents Page
• Report
• Analysis of Social Media Data Set
Assessment Criteria
The marking rubric to be used to assess the portfolio will be placed on the module
Blackboard site in the Assessment Area and is also attached at the end of this document.
Electronic Submission of Coursework
Unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing by the module leader, all coursework on this
module is submitted via Blackboard only. It will automatically be scanned through a text
matching system (designed to check for possible plagiarism).
To submit your assignment:
• Log on to Blackboard at http://learning.westminster.ac.uk;
• Go to the relevant module Blackboard site;
• Click on the ‘Submit Coursework’ link in the navigation menu on the left-hand side,
or as advised by the module teaching team;
• Click on the link for the relevant assignment;
• Follow the instructions.
• You have been given details by the module teaching team about how and when you
will receive your marks and feedback on your work (see the module handbook)
It is a requirement that you submit your work in this way. All coursework must be submitted
by 13.00 (1pm) on the due date. If you submit your coursework late but within 24 hours or
one working day of the specified deadline, 10% of the overall marks available for that
element of assessment will be deducted, as a penalty for late submission, except for work
which is marked in the range 40 – 49%, in which case the mark will be capped at the pass
mark (40%). If you submit your coursework more than 24 hours or more than one working
day after the specified deadline you will be given a mark of zero for the work in question.
The University’s mitigating circumstances procedures relating to the non-submission or
late submission of coursework apply to all coursework.
6SUEV004W Portfolio Marking Rubric Refer Defer Students 21/22 Academic year
Rubric for the portfolio for Semester Three Refer/defer June 2022
Rubric Detail
Levels of Achievement
Needs to improve
< 30 Borderline 30-39 Acceptable 40 – 49 Good 50 -59 Very Good 60-69 Excellent 70-79 Outstanding 80+ Introduction and Introduction and Methodology Introduction and Introduction and Methodology is attempts to follow Methodology Methodology Introduction and basic and not some of the follows all guidance Introduction and follows most of the Methodology following guidance. guidance given but but could be clearer Methodology are guidance given but follows all guidance To improve in improvements in places. To thoroughly not all. To improve, and is clear. To future, ensure you needed. To improve, review explained. In future, ensure you further improve, ask understand the task improve, ensure you your work and ensure you maintain understand guidance yourself what may and follow follow all ensure you do a this standard. given and follow be added for insight. instructions and instructions and final edit to improve this more exactly. guidance carefully. guidance for tasks clarity. carefully. Very poor. To Poor. To improve, Acceptable but improve, ensure ensure basics of some elements of basics of page page numbering, presentation (title numbering, title title page with all page, page Overall page with all information, numbering, layout Good standard. To Excellent, maintain Presentati Very good standard. information, contents page and for example) could improve, review all this standard, to on and To improve, ensure contents page and consistent font size improve. presentation improve, aim for a citation you carefully check Professional, consistent font size as per instructions Referencing style guidance and check professional looking and all references and maintain this as per instructions are followed. You also needs to the referencing document, for Referenci have followed all standard. are followed. You need to improve the improve. Please guide to ensure all example through ng presentation need to improve the referencing style. check the booklet references are in the use of table of Weight guidance. referencing style. Please check the ‘Using Westminster correct format. contents. 10.00% Please check the booklet ‘Using Harvard guide booklet ‘Using Westminster (PDF)’ Westminster Harvard guide https://www.westmi Harvard guide (PDF)’ nster.ac.uk/library- Introduction and Methodology Introducti section absent or on and very minimal. To Report improve in future, Methodolo ensure you gy understand the task Weight and follow 10.00% instructions and guidance carefully. 6 Levels of Achievement Criteria Needs to improve Borderline 30-39 Acceptable 40 – 49 Good 50 -59 < 30 (PDF)’ https://www.westmi and-it/support-andhttps://www.westmi nster.ac.uk/library- study-skills/guidesnster.ac.uk/library- and-it/support-and- andand-it/support-and- study-skills/guides- tutorials/referencing study-skills/guides- and-your-work andtutorials/referencing tutorials/referencing -your-work -your-work Performance data Minimal effort, Performance data clear and evaluation structure and flow and evaluation are Clear presentation is attempted in need to improve, not very clear, of data and an Report places but much is may lack a report lacks attempt at Findings descriptive. All conclusion. To analysis, the writing evaluation, good in Analysis elements present. improve, you need is descriptive only. places but not and To improve, you to develop your To improve, you consistent. All Conclusio need to move away writing, particularly need to develop elements present. n from description to evaluative writing. . your writing for To improve, you evaluative writing, There are many university. There need to develop Weight there are many resources to help are many resources consistency in your 40.00% resources to help develop writing to help develop writing and develop this both on both on line and in writing both on line eliminate areas of line and in the the library. and in the library. poorer style. library. Absent or the wrong material. Videos to support students Social should have been Media used. Assessments At least two of the Analysis are designed on the required Visualisati basis of this. Lack visualisations ons of engagement may present. Weight be the key issue for 10.00% you here, ensure you improve in future At least three of the required visualisations At least four of the present and some required attempt at correct visualisations labelling. To present and improve, ensure you labelling mostly attend all timetabled good. To improve, sessions of a you needed to module, these are follow instructions designed to help on visualisations you manage the required. work. Very Good 60-69 Excellent 70-79 Outstanding 80+ Very well presented Excellent performance data presentation of data, with good analysis very good of these, evaluation and recommendations Professional recommendations and conclusion presentation of data, and overall present and clear excellent and evaluation of the evaluation overall insightful company of performance. To evaluation. performance is further improve, Maintain this meaningful. To review your work to standard. improve, ensure add more insightful high standard in all analysis and ensure sections of the your work is report comprehensive. All five required All five required visualisations visualisation present All required present, very clearly and well labelled visualisations presented and and presented present, legible with clear clearly. To improve, professionally and correct ensure presentation presented and labelling. To of visualisations legible with clear improve further, contains all required and correct labelling additional work elements. may be needed. 7 Levels of Achievement Criteria Social Media Analysis Report Weight 30.00% Needs to improve < 30 Absent or minimal, to improve, see comments on the Visualisations. Borderline 30-39 Acceptable 40 – 49 Good 50 -59 Most of the guidance has NOT been followed. To improve, see comments on the Visualisations. Guidance has been Follows all Much of the followed, all guidance and very Follows all guidance followed, components present, Follows all good analysis of guidance and some components analysis is too guidance and findings in many consistently missing, analysis is descriptive in many consistently areas but could be excellent analysis of very descriptive. To areas. To improve, excellent, insightful more consistent. To findings. To improve, ensure aim to write and interesting improve, develop improve, review your analysis shows consistently well – analysis of findings, consistency through your work and see if evaluation of review where your maintain this allowing yourself you can add real results, not just writing is good and standard. more time for insight. description of them. where it is not and editing. aim to edit further. Very Good 60-69 Excellent 70-79 Outstanding 80+ 8 Purchase answer to see full attachment

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