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Written Response I
Field Trip to Mount Vernon and Monticello
Answer both Part I and Part II
Part I. Read about Washington and Slavery by going to Mount Vernon
Discuss 2 of the 6 topics about slavery on the right-hand top of the webpage
Topics: Pick 2
Part I Questions to answer:
Demonstrate that you viewed the links and make sure your responses do not repeat
what we learned in the lecture.
Show me that you toured Mount Vernon related to Washington and slavery
1. Pick two of the topics concerning Washington and slavery found on the website
under the main topic, “Slavery”. Describe each of the 2 topics writing a paragraph on
each with details. Be thorough and explain in detail.
Be complete. Explain each topic by writing a paragraph with details
2. What did you learn about Washington and slavery that was new to you?
Be complete. Do not repeat what you wrote in #1. Explain by writing at least one
paragraph with details about what was new to you.
3. Do you think the website presents the topic of Washington and slavery fairly? Give at
least one example from the website to back your response. Be thorough and explain
what you wrote using at least one paragraph
Part II Jefferson and slavery from Monticello.org
View 2 of the categories concerning Jefferson and slavery
Questions to answer:
1. Describe 3 things that were new to you Jefferson’s attitude towards slavery. Did his
attitude toward slavery and slaves change over time? How it change and when did it
Make sure your responses are from 2 categories
2. Why do you think the online exhibition on slavery at Monticello titles Jefferson and
Slavery, a Paradox? Explain using at least one in depth example.
3. Do you think the website presents the topic fairly? Give at least one example
Use details and examples to back what you say and write a complete paragraph for each
Use different topics and examples for each response
500 word minimum and place word count at the end of your paper
Upload in file format Word or PDF
No outside research. Use only the 2 websites Mount Vernon and Monticello
Limit your direct quotations to no more than 1.5 sentences
Do not embed images
Be thorough and use in-depth analyses
You can number your responses but do not repeat the questions

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