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What is your business goal?

Define 3-4 SMART marketing/distribution objectives that will meet the goal.

Core Structure
Here’s a basic structure for a marketing/distribution plan :
∗ Business Goal – something which applies to the whole business
∗ Marketing / Distribution objectives – that we set for our part of the
business which will ladder up to the overall business goal
∗ Target audience – who do we need to focus our resources on to achieve
the objectives?
∗ Channel selection – which channels will help us reach the target
audience in the most cost effective way?
∗ Implementation – timing, resource allocation, prioritization
∗ Measurement – how will we know when we have achieved success?
Avoid the descent into tactics too
∗ We all want to get into the weeds and start planning that
really cool Facebook campaign or cutting an amazing deal
with a new app … BUT WAIT!
∗ Stay at 30,000 feet for a while and enjoy the view. Make
sure you have a clear perspective on what the goal,
objectives and target audiences are before you deep dive
into tactics.
Business Goals
∗ You will usually have a business goal which is set by the senior
management of the company and drives all departmental plans – a
common one is: “grow revenue to $$$ in the fiscal year” or “open xx
new properties in 2015”
∗ What other examples are there? Think about a business goal that
would apply to your plan.
∗ Typically all parts of the business incl. Marketing/Distribution will be
driving towards meeting the business goal – ex. Revenue Mgt,
Operations, Real Estate etc.
Business Goal
Business Goal
Achieve profit of $300m in 2018
Marketing / distribution objectives
∗ This is how we translate the overall business goal into specific actions
in marketing.
∗ Ex. – potential objectives to meet a revenue growth goal could be:
Adding more customers/growing mkt share
Increasing yield / value per customer by adding more high value customers
Developing new mkts / territories
Increasing sales of a particular product/service
Increasing repeat purchasing behavior
SMART objectives
Objectives cannot be vague – you have to know when you have
achieved them! This is a useful acronym:
Don’t be general – what exactly are you going to do – ex.
increase market share in LA by 1pt.
Put a clear measure of success – ex. increase REVPAR by
Make sure it is reachable, otherwise your team will become
demotivated and will lose focus.
Constantly check whether it will achieve the business goal
Put a time period on the objective to help in managing it
Now define your target audience
∗ What target markets are the best prospects to achieve your
∗ How will you position your business against the competition?
∗ What insights do you have about them?
∗ What are their personas?
∗ How do they behave in the digital world?
∗ What is their customer journey with your product?
Sense check your target audience against the objectives
Channel and tactic selection
Now it is time to think about the channels and tactics that are most
appropriate for the audiences you defined and will meet the
objectives. A few things to think about here:
∗ Think customer first – which online channels will resonate most
with your customer?
∗ Typically you will need a mix of channels covering direct and
indirect/third party.
∗ Be sure to evaluate the effectiveness of the channels – ex. cost of
sale / ROI?
∗ Where will the $$$ happen – ex. GDS, OTA, Website.
Graphic: Stoller &
Company, Inc.
Integration is KEY
Establish a clear role of each element of your
channel mix
What will you do in each channel?
Think about the funnel – how are you driving
customers to conversion?
How does each channel support the other
Synergy of messaging
Channel and tactic selection
Be sure to consider the non-sexy, hard working channels like search
and email!
What about supporting non transactional channels – ex. blogs,
reviews, destination sites.
How can you stand out in your channels and achieve cut through?
∗ Be different. This is an opportunity to show your creativity!
∗ Partnerships
∗ Content Marketing deals
∗ Viral campaigns
Measure and react
Set clear metrics for success for each tactic
Use the attribution modeling we will be covering in class
Ensure that you feedback results and adjust activity accordingly
Always check – does it ladder up to your objectives?

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