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Adding customer and business value
People, planet and profit
Professor xxxxxxx
August 7th, 2022
Entrepreneurship 101 has one of the first axioms of entrepreneurship laid out as follow:
entrepreneurship is about solving problems. Now, all the other attributes are put in place
following that axiom; whether it is the price people are willing to pay for a product, or the
expectations of consumers, it ultimately revolves around the consumers’ desires and the ability
of organizations to meet those demands. Make no mistake about it, this framework of solving
problems and coming with option solutions is not only the specialty of new and upcoming firms,
it is the path for all organizations destined to evolve and remain competitive. In, fact that is
where innovation settles in, because organizations must constantly evolve and adapt to market
desires. Now the challenge in regard to these specific truths is to know what to implement and
how to implement innovations. Specifically, how do put in place customer-focused initiatives?
There are several ways to do that and in the case of NationaliTeas offering product guarantees
and great service to consumers, for example through enhanced delivery mechanisms. Let’s see
how these activities impact customer perspective and awareness.
Offering product guarantees
As for any major organization, NationaliTeas can get into a situation where consumer
trust or its branding is not held to the same standards, so coming up with initiatives to strengthen
ties and restore trust is vital. Many organizations undertake activities like offering product
quality in an attempt to boost sales, but in reality, this initiative is more about the product and
customer relationship than it is about revenue. With an offering of product guarantees,
NationaliTeas is putting value on the consumer and showing that it cares. This initiative would
rely heavily on said certification but also in transparency by providing details regarding how
certifications for the product have been obtained and what is the broader picture. The firm should
also attempt to gain customer attention and specify the social and environmental implications of
the product.
-Added customer value
Customers would have a better understand of the implications of the product on their
lives because they would be able to see the broader picture. They would have a better idea of
what the company stands for and what to expect from the organization’s operations. Many times
customers have been taken aback when disturbing evidence come to light, e.g. the Foxconn
scandal. Foxconn is a supplier for Apple in the IPhone, while many enjoy having an IPhone very
few were aware of the labor conditions at Foxconn that ultimately allowed them to have the
finished product of an IPhone. Many felt that they have been contributing to an evil system. With
product guarantee the customer has renewed sense of trust in the organization and the product
ultimately. Transparency and consumer trust are very important. As customer expectations rise
for businesses to exhibit ethical behavior and run sustainable operations throughout their supply
chain, so too grows the desire for transparency of those ethics, operations, and information about
the social and environmental impact of the products they buy(Soomo.2022)
Added business value
In one word, the business value is brand awareness and brand loyalty. This initiative can
be very beneficial to NationaliTeas not only in terms of profit and sales but also on marketing
and customer satisfaction mainly through customer retention. 85% of Americans are likely to
stick with a business during a brand crisis if it has a history of being transparent (Soomo.2022).
What happens is the bond and relationship is so strong that it turns into unwavering brand loyalty
meaning less money can be spent on retaining customers and be reinvested into acquiring new
Potential resources
Aside from implementing a true strategy for communications these initiatives would
heavily rely on press campaign or social media campaign. Resources needed would obviously be
marketers and digital advertisers. Skilled IT professionals would also be needed to ensure that
the channels of communications are serving their purpose and that the message is getting across
the intended public effectively.
Monitoring and evaluation
A proper project management team would be crucial to assuring the success of the
initiative. Monitor and control and ultimately suggest change when deemed necessary. A part of
the team would be useful as well in picking the details regarding how consumer is reacting to the
Enhanced processing and delivery methods
Nowadays, customer isn’t just content with the availability of products, they want it
quick, and they want it now. Long gone are the days of coupon clipping in the mail now it is
about overnight processing and shipping. Consumers tend to base their preference and
requirement on how readily available their goods or services are. Organizations need to adapt
because a slow processing and shipping system can leave consumer discontent and looking
elsewhere. Not knowing or focusing enough on consumers can put NationaliTeas in a situation
where all improvements and innovations may lose customer value. To remain competitive and
guarantee success all must done with TBL in mind, and placing people rightfully in the center of
decision-making and innovation.
Added value
The better the quality of products or services, the higher customer satisfaction is.
NationaliTeas for instance, can factor in quality into the process, even the mundane one like
sourcing leaves to make tea. This would create a situation where teas consumed would be always
fresh with natural aroma that customers like and they can’t experience anywhere else. Again, this
would create the effect of brand loyalty and recurring purchases just because the tea variety is
unique. As for faster shipping it would save customers money by bringing them the product to
the comfort of their own home in time.
Added business value
Great products create strong customer bases through customer loyalty. Ultimately, this
will lead to increase purchasing. NationaliTeas would reap in those benefits by developing high
quality products. If the customer likes the product well enough, they will be coming back for
more and they will even promote the product through word of mouth. As for delivery, the TBL
framework needs to be accounted for; sustainability needs to be accounted for. Organizing truck
fleet and optimizing orders can be a step towards sustainable delivery practices. What would
happen is trucks would have to do less deliveries and while being able to ship more. Revenue
and profit would go up but the impact on the environment would also be positive.
Potential Resources
In order to implement this initiative, some resources would be important. A team would
be require implementing it with the responsibility of focusing on improving product quality and
ensure compliance among suppliers. The operations team would need to develop a plan and
assure that logistics are available. The current procedure for bringing the products to market
would need to be revised in a way to reduce intensive labor. The revision of the project workflow
a come in handy for identifying weak spots; that ways talents would be allocated accordingly for
the project instead of onboarding new staff. The delivery portion of this initiative implies steady
control of inventory, housed properly at proper locations such as warehouses. Logistics like
drivers and trucks must be always available. Environmentally friendly materials would be
important to ensure sustainability.
Monitoring and evaluation
Evaluation and monitoring of this phase of the project should be scheduled regularly at
best every three months to ensure that the project is on track to meet its goals and objectives.
Meanwhile, profits should be increasing and expenses need to remain at proper level so that the
company’s bottom line and profitability do not get affected by these changes. Assuring
sustainability can be costly so it goes without saying that suppliers should be well vetted in way
that prioritize low cost solutions without impeding quality.
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