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dbj004_ADS1002_A1_data science 1500 words essay

ADS1002 Essay – ‘Ethics of Data Science’
One of the most controversial aspects of data science is the appropriate use and collection of
data. This leads to questions such as: should there always be a human check on the output of
algorithms, to what extent can companies use our digital footprint for marketing and advertising? For your essay you will need to consider a case study on the ethics of data science. These
should consider a recent issue on the use of data science which raises ethical or privacy concerns.
You should discuss the context of this use of data science, how the data science is applied and
possible ways in which the ethical or privacy concerns could be addressed. The introduction of
your essay should discuss the broader issues of the ethical use of data science.
The essay is worth 20% of your final mark, and must be submitted by Friday September 9th,
11:55pm as a Word document or pdf file to the Assignment Dropbox on Moodle.
Guidelines for your essay
The essay will have an upper limit of 1500 words. There is no lower limit on words, however
if you are well under the word limit you may lose marks for lack of content.
The essay should include a bibliography with appropriate referencing. The bibliography is not
included in the word count. For a guide to citing and referencing see Monash RLO – Citing
and referencing. It is recommended that you utilise the APA referencing style.
Your essay should take the form of a technical report. See Monash RLO – Writing the IT
report however your essay does not need to include a Title Page, Summary nor Table of
For general study suggestion see Monash RLO.
Introductory readings
Some possible topics to consider (click on the topic to go to an introductory article):
Bias in facial recognition software
Algorithmic discrimination
Facebook and Cambridge Analytica
Privacy and My Health Records
Fitness Trackers
Predictive Policing
Facial recognition tracking
Assessment with a Turnitin similarity index greater than 30% will not be marked.
A 10% mark deduction will be applied for every 10% over the word limit.
A late penalty of 10% of the total mark will be deducted for every 24 hours, including weekends, after the submission deadline.
Work will not be accepted more than 7 days after the due date, unless an extension has been

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