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Can you please create a 10-12 page Power point based on API

About API Trailers

and its sister company

API Waste Services

It needs to include the structure of the company and what they do.

MGMT 443 Team Presentations spring 2020
Each team will give a 10-minute presentation in which they help the class learn about the most important
elements of the design of a specific organization. Your job as a team is to learn and share with the class what
makes the design of your organization unique and interesting. A presentation that fails to find out and clearly
communicate what sets a particular structure apart from the rest will not be evaluated as effective.
Presentation Structure and Contents
1. Introduction. Briefly, discuss the main activity of this company and briefly introduce what makes
this organization’s design unique or interesting.
2. Situational context. Explain the context of this organization (industry characteristics and social and
economic characteristics that have influenced the emergence or development of this company).
3. Org Design. discuss the most relevant characteristics of this organization’s design. Not all aspects of
the org design will be relevant to all presentations. Decide which of the topics included below you
have to include in your presentation considering the specific case of your organization.
Visual representation of its structure (only when available from a reliable source).
Organizational strategy
Structure: centralization, formalization, horizontal complexity…
Decision-making processes.
HR practices (selection, compensation, training, attrition procedures).
Culture (and whether it supports its structure, goals)
4. Conclusions. What new information is the class learning through this new presentation? Why is it
Guidelines and deliverables:
In addition to doing the presentation, the team must bring a printed copy of the slides to their
At the end of the slides, the team must include a list of references in APA style that includes all
sources of information and documentation used to prepare your presentation.
References must be reliable, that is academic articles obtained through the library databases or google
scholar, business news, or the organization’s own information. The following are not reliable:
Wikipedia is not fully reliable but a good way to do research. You cannot cite the
Wikipedia, but you can use it to look for additional sources of information to use in your
b. Blogs are not reliable, even if they are well designed or look professional.
Charts found through a search of Google images are very often created by students like
you, and oftentimes we cannot assess the extent to which they are based on valuable
information. Unless you have a good source, do not use a chart from an obscure source.
Appendix A: Presentation Grading Rubric
This rubric will be used to evaluate your team’s presentation content and performance.
Insufficient research, as demonstrated
by the presentation of anecdotal
information, or information not
relevant to the topic of the
presentation, as well as their inability
to answer follow-up questions.
Adequate research conducted, as
evidenced by the presentation of
important information pertaining
to the topic at hand. Follow-up
questions are answered
appropriately, demonstrating
adequate knowledge.
Excellent research evidenced by
the richness of relevant
information included in the
presentation and the team’s ability
to answer follow-up questions in a
way that demonstrates excellent
knowledge of the topic presented.
Much too general or anecdotal.
Insufficient use of evidence to
support key points. Lacks appropriate
source citations.
Adequate use of specifics and
evidence. Sources cited
Excellent details. Uses multiple
forms of evidence to support key
points. Sources cited appropriately.
Information presented in a
disorganized manner. Abrupt
transitions from one topic to another
with no clear transition or logic. Does
not appear prepared or practiced. If
appropriate: Lacks a clear
introduction and conclusion.
Information organized and
presented adequately. Minor
problems with topic transitions or
logical flow. If appropriate:
Introduction and conclusion are
clear, but not used effectively.
Information presented in an
organized, logical fashion.
Obviously prepared and practiced.
If appropriate: Has an effective
introduction and conclusion.
Body Language
Appears nervous or distracted. Paces,
fidgets, or sways. Poor use of hands
(e.g., jiggles, taps or plays with
something). Body language distracts
from presentation.
Appears slightly nervous, but it
doesn’t interfere with the
presentation. Occasional use of
meaningful hand gestures. Body
language needs some improvement
but it doesn’t significantly distract
from the presentation.
Appears confident, poised and
comfortable. Is relaxed and in
control. Body language (e.g.,
posture, facial expressions,
gestures) enhances the
presentation. Good use of
appropriate hand gestures to
emphasize points.
Presentation &
Speaks too fast or too slow. Halting,
uneven pace. Volume inappropriate.
Giggling or other inappropriate vocal
behaviors interfere with the message.
Extremely monotone, ineffective
tone. Tone is unprofessional and
disrespectful of the audience.
Complete lack of enthusiasm.
Articulation, volume, pace, and
pronunciation are acceptable.
Slightly monotone. Tone is
acceptable, but somewhat casual
for a professional business
presentation. Somewhat lacking in
enthusiasm and assertiveness.
Articulation, volume, pace, and
pronunciation are excellent. Fluid,
natural delivery. Excellent vocal
tone. Tone is professional.
Enthusiastic and assertive.
Eye Contact
Reads speech directly from notes or
visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint). Little to
no eye contact with the audience.
Occasionally refers to notes or
visual aids. Sometimes fails to
make eye contact with audience.
Never or rarely glances at notes or
visual aids. Consistently makes eyes
contact with audience.
Word Choice
Uses clichés, slang, jargon, racist, or
sexist language. Word choice is
inappropriate and exhibits bias.
No inappropriate language. No
apparent bias.
Word choice illustrates grasp of
content and enhances presentation.
Use of Visual
Visual aids missing, inappropriate, or
poorly designed and executed.
Visual aids have errors, are difficult to
read, and don’t enhance the
presentation. Visual aids not properly
integrated into presentation.
Visual aids are adequate but could
be improved. Easy to read and
informative, but not outstanding.
No significant errors. Adequate
integration of visual aids.
Visual aids are easy to read,
attractive, informative and error
free. Visual aids greatly enhance the
presentation. Excellent integration
of visual aids.
Appendix B: Not sure which organization to present? Here are some
recommendations that would be really interesting.
Philips transnational structure
Proctor and Gamble
In-N-Out Burger
Morning Star
Sierra Nevada Brewery

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