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Assignment: Summary Draft
out of
Assignment: Summary Draft
Assignment Details
1. Follow the instructions below to complete the Assignment: Summary Draft.
2. If you want some practice before your assignment is graded, complete the AfL:
Summary Writing Quiz.
3. Submit your draft to the Summary Draft dropbox for a mark out of 20.
Using the steps for summary writing that you learned, write a summary on the
following paragraph:
 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – A Role Model for the Ages
Read and reflect on the feedback your teacher provides. It will be important when
you submit your revised version in your Literacy Portfolio at the end of the
course. Applying your teacher’s feedback will result in an improved summary.
Points to Remember
ï‚© Your work should follow MLA formatting.
ï‚© Write in your best prose style and ensure your work is carefully organized.
ï‚© As always, review your work to ensure that it contains no mechanical
(spelling, capitalization, grammar, punctuation) errors.
Submitting Your Assignment
13/08/2022, 21:13
Assignment: Summary Draft
Step 1 – Before You Submit
Step 2 – Get Feedback and Revise
Step 3 – Submit Your Best Final Version
Read the following rubric to see how you will be graded on this assignment.
 Summary Draft Rubric
Submit this assignment to the dropbox. This assignment will be evaluated for a grade that will
contribute to your overall final grade in this course.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – A Role Model for the Ages
By: Will Frassinelli
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a role model to many because he made a lasting and
positive impact on the world in his short life. He was an inspiration to millions of people in a
time when speaking out against racism and discrimination was still dangerous (Larsen 2015). It
takes somebody with conviction to stand for what is right, especially in the face of adversity. Dr.
King was totally committed to his fight for justice and equality for all. He was arrested thirty
times for his peaceful protests, but this did not deter him from his goal (The King Center 2014).
Despite being assaulted and having his life threatened numerous times, he continued to spread
his messages of love and tolerance (Larsen 2015). He dedicated his life to helping other people.
Dr. King gave a voice to so many who felt they were unheard, and he showed the world that
when people unite for a worthy cause, positive change can happen (History.com Staff 2009).
Because of his actions and words, people became dedicated to him and his cause. Dr. King kept
his dream of equality for all at the forefront of his life. He never stopped moving forward, and
even though he was tragically assassinated for his beliefs at the age of 39, he remains a hero to
countless people (Nobelprize.org 2017). Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech from 1963 is
considered to be one of the nine most influential speeches in the history of the world (Bender
2016). Martin Luther King Jr. will forever be revered for the lasting impression he made on the
world with his messages of tolerance and acceptance.
Works Cited
Bender, J. (2016, April 25). 9 influential speeches that changed the world. Retrieved July 4,
2017, from http://www.businessinsider.com/speeches-that-changed-the-world-2016-3/#napoleon-bonaparte–farewell-to-the-oldguard-1
History.com Staff (2009). Martin Luther King Jr. Retrieved July 4, 2017, from
Larsen, B. (2015, January 14). Leadership lessons from Martin Luther King Jr. Retrieved July 4,
2017, from http://www.standard.net/Success-Strategies/2015/01/14/Leadership-lessons-from-Martin-Luther-King-Jr
Nobelprize.Org (2014). Martin Luther King Jr. – Biography. Retrieved July 4, 2017, from
The King Center (2014). About Dr. King – Overview. Retrieved July 4, 2017, from http://www.thekingcenter.org/about-dr-king

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How to Write a Summary
How to Write a Summary
What Is a Summary?
A summary is a piece of writing that outlines the main points of a text. In order to
write a summary, you need to determine the most important information without
including any extra details. Do not include your own opinion. Being able to write a
good summary proves that you completely understand something that you have
read. It is a very important skill to have, particularly for future courses.
Steps for Writing a Summary
1. Read the entire text to get a general understanding of what it is about.
2. Once you understand what the text is about, look closely at the topic sentence,
final paragraph, and key words that are repeated throughout.
3. Print or make a copy of the text. Reread the text. Cross out information that is
not important, and underline and highlight the parts that you think are the most
4. On a piece of paper or on your computer, write the answers to the following
a. What is the title of the text?
b. Who is the author?
c. What is the main idea?
d. What are the main points?
5. Write a topic sentence for your summary. Make sure that you include the name
of the author, the title of the author, and the answer to “What is it about?”
6. Paraphrase the main points from the text in your summary. Make sure that you
do not write your own opinion in your summary. Your only job is to tell the
reader what the text is about in the fewest possible words.
7. Write the details in your summary in the same order as they appear in the text.
8. Check to see if your summary is between 15–20% of the original text length.
9. Proofread your summary.
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How to Write a Summary
This is an example from the WISC website. You will see the original text, then an
example of a poorly written summary and a well written summary.
Original Text
Example: The World of Islam
“For nearly 1,400 years, Islam, though diverse in practice and tradition, has
provided a unifying faith for peoples stretching from the Atlantic to the Indian
Ocean and beyond. Starting in the the 1500s, the rise of European dominance
resulted in the decline of the glorious Muslim empires, and reduced the influence
of Islam. After the breakup of the Turkish Empire following World War II, Muslim
nations adopted Western beliefs and practices – communism, socialism, nonreligious nationalism, and capitalism. Yet most Muslims remained poor and
powerless. Their governments, regimes often backed by the West, were corrupt
and oppressive (Belt 78).” 1
Learning Journal
This is a great opportunity to complete one of your learning journal entries. Recall
that you will need to submit three journal entries from the Writing Unit with your
Literacy Portfolio.
To review the instructions and the list of Writing Unit journal topics, select the link.
 Literacy Portfolio Assignment
Learning Goals
In examining this lesson, I will see that a summary
focuses on the main points in a text
excludes details that do not relate to the main point
ï„‘ requires that the writer follow a series of steps in creating such documents
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How to Write a Summary

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