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Answer questions on the worksheet about both cultivations. Worksheet has two parts please read carefully. Must be in APA format. Worksheet is attached.

River Valley Civilizations Worksheet
Which two river valley civilizations will you compare and contrast?
 ________________________________________
 ________________________________________
Part 1
Respond to each of the following questions. Be sure to provide information about
both of your chosen civilizations in each response. Your responses should all be in
complete sentences and should follow conventional guidelines for spelling,
grammar, and punctuation. Use your textbook and your notes to help you answer
the questions.
Compare Geography
1. In what present-day countries can the sites of your civilizations be found?
2. What is the present-day name of the river(s) around which your chosen
civilizations were based?
3. What is the climate today in the region of the ancient civilization?
4. How did the people of the civilizations use the river?
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5. How did the people of the civilizations deal with flooding of the river?
Compare Society
6. What type of government did each civilization have? How was power passed
through generations?
7. What was the social structure in each of the civilizations?
8. What technological advancements were created by each civilization?
Compare Religion
9. What religions did people in each civilization practice? Did any other religions
emerge in either region?
10.What relationship did the government have with religion?
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All rights reserved.
Part 2
Develop your own question about these two civilizations. This should be information
that is not found in your textbook.
Once you have a question identified, set about trying to answer it. You should use
credible outside sources to locate the answer.
When you do your research, you may decide to use internet resources. Please use
the Website Evaluation Checklist to judge the quality of each website. Ask your
teacher if you have any questions about the checklist or a website.
Write your original question here:
Provide the answer to your original question here. Your answer should contain
information about both of your chosen civilizations. Use complete sentences.
Provide a citation for your source(s) here. Use the APA Style: Citing Sources and
Formatting guide from the lesson to help you.
© 2018 Pearson Online & Blended Learning K–12 USA.
All rights reserved.

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