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answer the questions, in two separate document answer the two parts on the attachment, don’t make it too long just answer them.

– What effort can be made to show the public that an honest effort is being made
to protect their personal information?
– Is there an introduction to STANDARDS for use of the web across all US Govt
agencies? Provide examples.
– Who is ahead of security curve? Social media sites or the Govt?
Choose 1 of the below
**Putting people before computers** What does this mean to you? Can the govt
or anyone guarantee privacy? If so, how and in what ways?
**Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping Tom
to install your window blinds. Thoughts?
**Thoughts on biometric data and e-Government? Passport services, CAC,
Driver’s License, Fingerprints, Iris scans, etc.
In referring back to the lecture about E-Voting, big data analytics has a
significance influence on the business priorities and decision-making process.
Big data analytics is transforming the approach, as well as, how recent business scenarios
(especially retail bankruptcies and voting discrepancies). Note, that this particular
concept is simply comprised of three of the five important attributes such as value,
velocity, and volume (Chen, Chiang and Storey 2012). You could argue for the
incorporation of the other 2 V’s associated with Big Data as well 🙂
This particular area of research can also result in the useful insights that in turn
would aid to better strategic decisions in relation to our government. The
concept of the big data analytics has risen beyond the storage of numerous
information centers and it has also made the use of the analytical methods
iterative along with the ongoing trends of marketplaces in the world of the
mobile applications (LaValle er al., 2011).
Question: How does Big Data Analytics influence the governments
decision-making and business priorities? When answering the question,
think of growth, expansion, scaling efforts, profitability, margin, and pro’s
vs con’s.
200words is good. A picture is good too with key descriptors 🙂 However,
you can express your version of the answer I am okay with 🙂 If you need to
cite an author, please take the time and cite accordingly!

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