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Kyle St. Vincent

Jun 13, 2022 at 12:49 PM

Hello Class and welcome to our Week 1



Examine the pros and cons from four of six major correctional aims or goals of sentencing from your Stojkovic and Lovell (2019) textbook.

The four major correctional aims or goals of sentencing I have selected are retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation.

The pros of retribution are that communities may feel safer when a criminal is convicted and sentenced, it also could be that the balance of society is put back into check once the criminal is caught/ arraigned. A con of retribution comes into play when attorneys work plea bargains for crimes that have been committed and the criminal agrees to a lesser sentence than other people may have wanted.

The pros of deterrence are that crimes are individualized and revolves around the crime the offender has committed. Another pro is that when a criminal commits a crime and is caught for the crime people will notice the increased perception of committing said crime. A con to deterrence is thinking that people make rational thoughts before committing serious crimes, and that is not the case. Serious crimes are also very hard to punish to the full extent, so that is a con of deterrence.

The pros of incapacitation are removing a harmful member of society off of the streets that could further inflict harm on the local populace and also showing the people that actions are being taken care of properly. Another example of incapacitation and a con to incapacitation is the use of medication to prevent sex offenders from committing further offenses. This form of incapacitation is highly controversial; nevertheless, it is part of the repertoire associated with the incapacitation aim (Stojkovic, S., & Lovell, R. 2019).

A pro of rehabilitation is that the individual is getting help for his/her possible drug addiction and they may quit dealing drugs. Another pro is that rehabilitation can change a person from a law breaker back to a law abiding citizen. A con to rehabilitation is that the offender will commit crimes again and will be placed back into the local community with that possibility.

Compare and contrast at least one function of a historical correctional system with at least one function of a contemporary correctional system.

A century or so ago we used tactics such as corporal punishment to deter offenders from committing future crimes. By publicly humiliating someone, or deaths by hanging, it created an environment to deter people from committing crimes and being put on display. In today’s contemporary correctional system we are taking looks at how to ensure the police are acting properly when detaining individuals, how the courts treat all individuals equally based on the crime committed, and how the judge/courts handle each trial if they are similar. The historical criminal justice system would never take certain aspects of the offender into consideration and in our current contemporary criminal justice system we definitely do.

Describe correctional system functions that relate to supervision

Relating supervision to the correctional system makes me initially think of paroles and probations. It is part of today’s criminal justice corrections functions to ensure these probation and parole officers are taking care of their assigned personnel, whether that is a victim or an offender. Like the military, adequate supervision and guidance equates to trust and ensuring your personnel are taken care of. These supervisory positions within the current corrections system are very important to maintain the facility personnel and local communities.


Stojkovic, S., & Lovell, R. (2019).

Corrections: An introduction

(2nd ed.). Retrieved from


Examine the pros and cons from four of six major correctional aims or goals of sentencing from your Stojkovic and Lovell (2019) textbook


Deterrence can be effective for not only the individual involved but also for society also. It is


punishment focused rather than rehabilitative as it acts as a scare tactic to the society that it tends to carry a sentence that dissuades individuals from committing crimes. This tends to on effective towards individuals that find the potential reward for their crimes worth getting caught. Additionally, it has shown to be far less effective to repeat offenders.

Incapacitation is strictly a punishment that removes an individual from society and places them in a prison of some sort. The pro of this strategy is that it removes individuals from society making society safe for all. The con of this strategy is that it is a less effective to repeat offenders as these correctional facilities are often referred to as crime schools. These are the individuals that find a sense of comfort while their stay “behind bars”.

Rehabilitation is the direction that the criminal justice system has migrated towards over the past couple decades. This focuses on changing an individual’s ways to release them back into society as highly functionals and successful individuals. There are many pros to this strategy as it fosters healthy relationships, education and often careers. The con to this strategy is that it in many cases allows for the potential of criminals to remain amongst society as they are “fixed” or “cured” of their criminal motives and intent.

Reintegration is often placed to the wayside as it involves releasing individuals back into society after completing a stint in a correctional facility. This is involving the community to assist individuals in reacclimating to life in amongst society. Probation or parole officers are usually most involved as the reintegration is one of their primary functions. One challenge of reintegration is placing them back into the risk factor littered environment that they had come from. This often leads to criminals to associate with the same individuals and partake in the same activities that placed them behind bars in the first place.

Compare and contrast at least one function of a historical correctional system with at least one function of a contemporary correctional system.

As I stated earlier, the criminal justice system has been migrating to a


rehabilitative strategy rather than focusing on punishment. The criminal justices have always had a goal of receiving treatment that has fit the crime committed. The one thing that has changed is what society accepts as “fitting the crime”. In the past thieves would have their either have their belongings taken and given to the king and either having their hand cut off so they are unable to steal again or even sentenced to public execution. In today’s system, this type of punishment is not practiced as the only public execution is conducted via social media and affects an individual’s status rather than taking a life.

Describe correctional system functions that relate to (select at least one) punishment, rehabilitation, treatment, or supervision


has been the forefront of the criminal justice system as many professionals believe that the changing negative behaviors is the most effective way to combat criminal activity. This is conducted in many different forms with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) leading the charge. This is a process of many steps that help individuals identify and cope challenges that could lead to criminal activity. CBT addresses potential risk factors associated with specific individuals and assists in how to overcome the challenges that they present and how to make better use of the protective factors to ensure that the best chance of success is lauded to the individual.



Stojokovic, S & Lovell, R (2019) Corrections: An Introduction Corrections: An Introduction, 2e – Corrections: An Introduction (uagc.edu)

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