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Overview:For the final milestone for your final project, research and select an additional study which pertains to the topic area you selected in the earlier milestone assignments. You will also evaluate the three studies you selected for their contribution to their topic area. Finally, you will integrate the information presented in the published studies and the information learned in this class to draw your own conclusions about the topic area using appropriate evidence to support your claims. This assignment will use the same three articles as you used in Milestones One and Two.

Be sure that your submission addresses the following critical elements:

Select an additional research article that aligns with the appropriate standards and guidelines of the field which would help inform future research into the topic area of the chosen studies. In other words, based on what the chosen studies have demonstrated about the topic area, what present research might help conduct future research in this area?

Explain how the article you chose follows the appropriate standards and guidelines of the field. Some questions to consider: Is the article peer- reviewed?Is the article relevant to the topic? Is the article still currently relevant?

Explain how the research article you located would help inform future research into the topic a reaof your chosen studies. Be sure to s upportyour response with examples and support from the chosen studies.

Describe how the evidence in the chosen studies (preselected and additional) contributes to the collective understanding of the topic.

Explain any new conclusions that you could reach about the topic area based on the evidence provided in your chosen studies. In other words, in your interpretation of

the evidence provided in the chosen studies, what conclusions can you reach that go beyond the research?

Predict what future research in the topic area of the chosen studies could explore.

In MilestoneOneyoudescribedthearticles, and inMilestoneTwoyoucritiquedthem.Nowyouwillmoveonto abig-picturesummary and futuredirections. See the following detailed instructions:

1. First you will need to conduct a literature search to find a new article in the same topic area as the other three papers. The “same topic area” has a small amountof roomforinterpretation.Youhavedevelopedsomeexpertiseinthearea so assume thatyouareintroducingthetopictoanewperson—what additionalarticle wouldyou includethatyoubelievewouldenhancetheirunderstandingofthetopicasalogicalnextstep?Solongasyou canjustifythis selection(arequirementof thismilestone),thenitshouldwork.Make sureyouhavereadandfully understandthearticleyourself beforecontinuing.

2. Onceyou have foundandarefamiliarwithyournew article,youarereadytostartwriting.Copyandpastethetitlepageandreferencelistfrom Milestone Two into a new document. Hopefully the running head copies over as well, but if it does not, add that back in. Be sure to address any feedback from your instructoronthesesectionsregardingproperAPAstyleformattingso you have the best version moving forward.

3. Next, begin the new narrative by briefly describing the article you have chosen. This does not have to be indepth but must cover the following appropriate standards and guidelines:

Hypothesis • Participants

Brief overview ofmethods

• Brief overview of results and discussion

Thisshouldbemoreindepththananabstractbut doesnotneedtobeas detailedaswhat youhavewrittenforMilestoneOne.Basically,you wantto provide enough information that readers can form an opinion on the claims you will make later in this assignment. Also, discuss why you have decided this particular article is credible. Why should a reader trust this article? In addition to the questions posed in the guidelines, consider a similar review as you did for the other three articles in Milestone Two. Make sure to discuss reliability and validity.

4. Then,discuss howthisparticular articleisrelevanttothetopicathand.Whatdoesitaddtothe discussionthatyoufoundparticularlymeaningful?How would it guide someone as they considered future directions for research in this topic area?

Typically students choose articles that they consider credible, but if you have chosen an article that you do not feel is credible, discuss why you feel that it still hasvalueinlightoftheconcernsyououtlinedabove.Itiscertainlypossiblethatanarticlehasvalue,evenifthe conclusions drawn are notcredible.

5. Finally, reflect on the overall topic and the work done in all three milestones.

Discusshowthisarticlecontributestothecollectiveunderstandingofthetopic.Whatisyourcurrentunderstandingofthetopic?Howdidall fourarticles

contribute to this understanding? Can you integrate all four articles into a cohesive overview? Is there conflicting information? How have you attempted

to deal with that information?

Basedontheevidenceprovidedinyourchosenarticles,whatnewconclusioncanbereached?Whatdoesitallmean?Besuretoconsideryour conclusions on

the credibility of each article.

Predict one new idea for a future direction of the research. Given everything you have learned, what would you recommend for somebody wanting to take

the next step in this topic area?

PLEASE NOTE: You will have added at least one new references in this section so make sure to include the APA style reference in the reference list.

GuidelinesforSubmission:YourpapermustbesubmittedasMicrosoftWorddocument withdoublespacing, 12-pointTimesNewRomanfont,one-inch margins, running head,titlepage,andatleastfoursourcescitedinAPAformat.Thissubmissionshouldbeapproximately2–3pages(notcountingtitleor referencepage).Itis anticipated thatyouwillusethesametitlepage andreferencepageassubmittedin MilestoneTwo,with any feedback from your instructor incorporatedandatleast one additional source added to the reference page.

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