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To complete this, you must create an R script file that includes the code
required to complete the following steps. and do an executive summary with screenshot and few words

Executive Summary Report 1
Overview and Rationale
As a data analyst, you will need to be able to create understandable data visualizations and
clearly summarize the data for executives. This assignment is intended to allow you to
demonstrate your skills to process data, and present the data visually with explanatory
Module Outcomes
This assignment links directly to the following learning outcomes from this module:
● Describe the attributes of a given data set using appropriate terms
● Distinguish between descriptive statistics and inferential statistics
● Use R to identify and display statistical information
Assignment Summary
In this assignment, you will create an executive summary based on a set of data provided
by your instructor. You will begin by writing and executing an R script in order to gather
the information required to complete your report. Then you will write an Executive
Summary specified in the rest of the assignment.
There are two aspects of this assignment as follows:
A. Provide an analysis of descriptive characteristics of the data provided by your
instructor as instructed in the Dataset Instruction document. Include R console screen
shots to support your observations and conclusions.
B. Finally, provide a clear two to three sentence paragraph summary of the key points that
you want the audience to walk away with regarding your work. You should include
discussions regarding the topics in this module such as data types found in the data set,
and the types of statistics and visual displays that may be useful in analyzing the data
(based on the data types). This summary should present accurate analysis and be
supported by the data presented in the rest of the report.
Using the assignment instruction document (Module 1 Project Instructions) and the
dataset provided by your instructor (Student.csv), complete the assignment above.
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Supporting Files
To complete this assignment you will need to download the following files:
Module 1 Project Instructions.pdf
What to Submit
Submit a single file with the following title: LastName_M1_Project1.pdf
Your report must use the following format:
Page 1: Title Page: name, date, title
Pages 2-3: Key findings about the data based on the Dataset Instruction document. Include
the following:
A scatter plot of the Sales ~ temp data
The mean temperature
Display the data after steps 6 and 7
Display the names vector
Display the 5 row by 2 column of 10 integers
Display the icSales data frame
Display the summary of the icSales data frame
Display the variables only from the Student.csv data set.
A summary of the information you learned about the data sets based on the
instructions you followed.
Page 4: Bibliography. This includes Youtube videos, instruction materials, google search
results, texts that informed your study of statistics and R. Adhere to APA standards.
Page 5: Appendix: The R Script you wrote and executed.
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ALY6000: Executive Summary Report 1
Dataset Instructions
Complete the following instructions to create the dataset and output required for the
Executive Summary Report in Module 1. The output you create by following these steps
must be incorporated into your report. Be sure to save your R script file with the following
naming convention:
Append your completed R-Script to the Executive Summary.
To complete this assignment you must create an R script file that includes the code
required to complete the following steps. In parentheses is the page of the R in Action
textbook where instructions can be found. If no page number find instructions using a web
1. Print your name at the top of the script
2. Install the vcd package (pg 19)
3. Import the vcd library (pg 19)
4. Plot a sales ~ temp scatter plot using the data below (pg 9):
Sales data: (8,11,15,20,21,11,18,10,6,22)
Temperature data: (69,80,77,84,80,77,87,70,65,90)
5. Find the mean temperature (pg 9)
6. Delete the 3rd element from the sales vector
7. Insert 16 as the 3rd element into the sales vector
8. Create a vector with elements Tom, Dick, Harry (pg 22)
9. Create a 5 row and 2 column matrix of 10 integers (pg 23)
10. Create a data frame with sales and temp attributes (pg 26)
11. Display the data frame structure of icScales (pgs 28-31)
12. Display a summary of the icScales data frame (pgs 28-31)
13. Import the dataset Student.csv (pgs 34-37)
14. Display only the variable names of the Student.csv dataset

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