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Using the company research you conducted in your Unit 6 assignment, write a paper about the company you chose that describes the firm and its strategy. Using information from AIU’s Library, IBIS World, and the Internet and feedback from your instructor on your PowerPoint slideshow from Unit 6, address the following points in a 6-page paper:

For this assignment, suppose that you work for a consulting firm, and that you have been asked to research a company and write a paper for your client.

For the paper:

Choose a large U.S. company;

Research the company and the market(s) in which it competes; and

Prepare a six page paper for your client, not including the title page and reference page.

Using information from the business press, AIU’s Library, IBIS World (through AIU’s library) and the Internet, address the following in your paper.

Describe the firm, including such information as its

products or services

annual sales, and

market share (This information is readily available in the library’s IBIS World database).

Describe the product market(s) in which it operates.

For instance, does it operate within an oligopoly or monopolistically competitive market, a perfectly competitive market, or is it a monopoly? (Choose the closest fit.)


Does it operate in only one region of the United States? Does it operate nationally or internationally? Explain.

Who are its competitors?

Give a brief overview of the other businesses in the market.

Identify and explain at least 2 economic concepts that this firm seems to use to its advantage.

Examples might include product differentiation; attainment of economies of scale; advertising; whether the firm is regional, national, or international; and so on.

You may include an explanation of how any significant recent events or changes in this market have affected this firm. Examples are mergers and acquisitions, technological change, legal issues, whether market demand is expanding, and so on.

Provide your evaluation of how this firm might better respond to the challenges it faces.

Please include an explanation of how any significant recent events or changes in this market have affected this firm. Examples are mergers and acquisitions, technological change, legal issues, whether market demand is expanding, and so on.

Provide your evaluation of how this firm might better respond to the challenges it faces.

For your paper:

Utilize at least 2 credible sources to support the arguments presented in the paper. Make sure you cite appropriately within your paper and list the reference(s) in APA format on your Reference page.

Your paper should be 6 pages in length, not counting the Title page and Reference page. In accordance with APA formatting requirements, it should be double-spaced and include a running head and page numbers.

The following offer information to help you with your research:

IBIS World Industry Reports are an excellent source of information for this assignment. IBIS World Reports are available through AIU’s Library in the Find Articles and E-books section of the e-Resources area.



Grading Criteria

Grading Criteria

Proficient Descriptor



• Sequences information logically to enhance understanding of the firm’s status. Uses clear topic sentences to state the focus of each section. Uses transitions to connect key points.

• Specifies facts, examples, and vocabulary relevant to the intended audience.


Description of the firm

• Describes the firm, its products or services, annual sales, and market share. (10 points)

• Identifies whether the firm operate operates nationally or internationally. If nationally, explain if operation is in one, or multiple, regions of the United States. (10 points)

• Describes the market(s) in which the firm operates, explaining whether it operates within an oligopoly, a monopolistically competitive market, a perfectly competitive market, or a monopoly. (10 points)

• Identifies competitors, giving a brief overview of the other businesses in the market. (10 points)


Economic Concepts

• Explains at least 2 economic concepts that the firm seems to use to its advantage; such as, product differentiation, attainment of economies of scale, advertising, and others. (20 points)

• Describes how the economic concepts used by the firm are related to the firm’s regional, national, or international market. (10 points)


Recent Developments

• Explains how any significant recent events or changes in this market have affected the firm; such as mergers and acquisitions, technological change, legal issues, market demand trends, and other events.



• Provides evaluation of how this firm might better respond to the challenges it faces. (10 points)

• Recommendations are related to recent events in the firm, and in its associated market and are logical and feasible. (10 points)



• Provides a 6 page paper that is double-spaced, and includes a title page, reference page, running head, and page numbers. The title page and reference page are not counted in the length of 6 pages for the paper.



• Utilizes credible information sources (a minimum of 2) that are clearly identified, properly cited, and referenced using APA Style.


Grammar & Mechanics

• Sentences are clear, well-articulated, and free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.




Business Research
on Walmart
Professor’s name
Course title
The purpose of this
presentation is to give
an overview of
American retail giant,
Walmart, its financial
statistics, market
analysis, challenges
and propose possible
Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that
operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and
grocery stores. It’s headquarters are in in Bentonville, Arkansas
The company was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton as a single
discount store.
As of January 2021, Walmart was the world’s largest retailer with
11,433 stores and clubs in 26 countries, and operating under over
50 different names (Carroll & Sørensen, 2021).
Walmart is also the largest private employer in the world with 2.2
million employees; 1.5 million of whom reside in the U.S.
â—¦ In the U.S., Walmart
operates retail stores in
different formats. These
include; Supercenters,
Discount Stores and
Neighborhood Markets.
â—¦ These stores offer a broad
assortment of goods and
services at lowered prices.
â—¦ Walmart International has
more than 5,900 retail
units, operating outside
the United States serving
more than 100 million
customers every week .
Revenue 2006-2021
Market shares 20172021
Walmart operates in an oligopoly and not a monopoly
There is competition from other big companies that
offer the same goods and services as the company
However, Walmart holds the greatest share of the
market as the biggest retailer in the world.
â—¦ Walmart is an international
company, with presence in
over 26 countries. As of
January 2021, Walmart had
11,847 properties all over
the world, with 11,443 being
retail stores.
â—¦ In the US, Walmart has 4743
stores in 50 states.
Number of stores across the world
US- 4743
Mexico- 2634
Central America- 855
UK- 632
China- 434
Africa- 423
Canada- 408
Chile- 358
Japan- 328
India 29
•E-commerce company
founded in 1994 by Jeff
•Revenue is earned
through online retail
product sales, thirdparty retail seller
services, AWS and retail
subscription services,
including Amazon
•Revenue for 2020 was
$232.887 billion with a
net income of $ 10.073
warehouse clubs
founded in 1976.
•Revenue is made
from sale of bulk
quality goods at low
•Recorded $141.6
billion revenue and
$3.13 billion net
income for fiscal
year 2020.
• It’s a multinational
company founded in 1883
by Bernard Kroger.
•It’s an American company
whose operation are
centered around
Pharmacy, front end health
care and consumer
• It’s now one of the largest
retailer in the world by
revenue and the largest
grocery store in the United
• Reported $121 billion
revenue with higher profit
margins. The company
generated $3.11 billion net
•It operates 9560 pharmacy
stores in America.
•The company generated
$131.5 billion revenue
with a revenue growth of
11.3% in 2018.
Sales Volume- Walmart
sells more goods and
services compared to
their competitors for
lower prices.
operation costsThe company seeks
to make maximum
profit at minimum
Scope of operation
and large customer
•The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has caused a
massive disruption in commerce.
•Many retail stores have been closed down. (Century 21
Stores, CEC Entertainment, Ascena Retail, etc.)
•Retailers are faced with short-term effects in supply
chain, health and safety, cashflow, labour force,
consumer demand and marketing.
•In the long-term, they are faced with the challenge of
adopting to a post-pandemic economy that will
require changing some of the foundational concepts
that have been shaping commerce for decades.
•Digital commerce has been accelerated greatly and
this has made companies that were not equiped for
the transition fall out of business.
Being the largest retailer in America,
Walmart is considered an essential
business by local governments and
managed to stay open during the
The company benefited from closure of
hotels and restaurants as people ate at
home more.
Walmart stores have turned into centers
where workers consolidate online orders
and have shoppers pick them up in a
social-distanced manner.
Adoption of digital methods of purchase
saw its online sales rise by 54%,
according to eMarketer.
In order to fulfill the high demand for
online orders, the company is setting up
automated micro-fulfillment centers that
store and pick items. This makes
operations faster and more profitable but
are also leading to unemployment as
employees become unnecessary.
â—¦ Although a latecomer in the world of digital
commerce, Walmart has shown its ability to adapt
quickly and shows a promising future in ecommerce with walmart.com.
â—¦ The company needs to stay aware of the shortterm behavior changes that are happening since
these are likely to become permanent.
◦ It’s necessary for the company to downsize their
stores and create more room for automated
packing and pickups of orders since most people
are adopting online shopping.
â—¦ In order to avoid future disruptions, Walmart
needs to have policies that will guide course of
action in case of future calamities.
Walmart is a dynamic and evolving company that
has proven to be flexible and adaptable to
change since it’s conception in 1962.
The company has shown great ability to adopt
and assimilate new technology into its
As such it is likely to overcome the challenges
brought about by the C0vid-19 pandemic
especially considering the fact that it’s a market
leader in retail and a pacesetter for other
companies in the industry.
Jindal, R. P., Gauri, D. K., Li, W., & Ma, Y. (2021). Omnichannel
battle between Amazon and Walmart: Is the focus on delivery
the best strategy?. Journal of business research, 122, 270280.
Nilufer, N. (2020). Critical assessment on business strategy
from aviation to retail industry during COVID-19 Pandemic: A
Walmart Case. International Journal of Business Ecosystem &
Strategy (2687-2293), 2(2), 8-14.
Chen, Y., Mehrotra, P., Samala, N. K. S., Ahmadi, K., Jivane, V.,
Pang, L., … & Pleiman, S. (2021). A Multiobjective Optimization
for Clearance in Walmart Brick-and-Mortar Stores. INFORMS
Journal on Applied Analytics, 51(1), 76-89.
Carroll, G. R., & Sørensen, J. B. (2021). 3 LOGIC FOR
STRATEGY. In Making Great Strategy (pp. 63-93). Columbia
University Press.

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