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In this assignment, offer a factual argument of your own on the topic of your choice. You will need to:

Follow Chapter 9 Guide to write an argument of definition

Write the definition statement

Find examples

Justify the design and visuals you used in presenting your argument

Make a visual to elloborate your definition and present it on Tuesday. You can find some details and example as we discussed in the class from the textbook. You can use ‘Unspalsh’ to find visuals.

Should be minimum of 3 slides excluding the first slide and the reference slide.

The Impact of Technology
on Online Shopping
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• Online shopping is the purchase of goods and services on the internet.
• Advancement in technology has led to the rise of online shopping as companies put up virtual
shops to sell their products.
• Consumers are able to purchase their desired goods without been physically present in the
• Companies are constantly conducting research to understand the needs of their customers and
hence provide goods and services that match their preferences.
Online Shopping
• Technology has positively impacted online shopping by providing users with extensive options of the
various virtual shops used for shopping.
• In order for an online shop to be successful, the users preferences have to be considered and respected
in all areas (Alimamy & Gnoth, 2022).
Online Shopping
• There are various online shops available for consumers to purchase their products irrespective of their location.
• For example, Amazon and eBay ships all the products purchased, world wide to their customers, in their online shops.
• Alibaba is an online shop that allows Business to business purchases and also ships their products world wide.
• Technology provides organizations with various tools that allows them to monitor consumers’ preferences.
• Consumer loyalty in online shopping is key as it means that the customers will shop products that match their needs at all
times (Ha, 2020).
• Alimamy, S., & Gnoth, J. (2022). I want it my way! The effect of perceptions of
personalization through augmented reality and online shopping on customer
intentions to co-create value. Computers in Human Behavior, 128, 107105.
• Ha, N. (2020). The impact of perceived risk on consumers’ online shopping
intention: An integration of TAM and TPB. Management science letters, 10(9),

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