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Format The paper will be divided into five (5) sections. The position and opposition/rebuttal sections should each contain several paragraphs. I Outline II. Introduction/History/Background with a thesis statement – one and a half – two pages (excluding Works Cited) III. Position – three-four pages (excluding Works Cited) IV. Opposition/Rebuttal – one and a half – two pages (excluding Works Cited) V. Conclusion – a half – three-fourths page (excluding Works Cited) VI. Works Cited – To Be Determined depending on number of resources Argumentative Research Paper Outline I. Introduction (page-page and a half) A. Story, Quote, Something of Interest – Low water levels of the lakes B. Statement of the Question, the Why Question – Why is there not enough water left C. History of the Problem – Compact of 1922 D. Thesis Statement – The Colorado river is no longer sustainable. II. Position Section (three-four pages) A. Extent of the Problem – The Colorado River as a source of water is being depleted. 1. What has happened? 2. Facts, Statistics, Research 3. What is the problem/issue B. Who is affected? How are they affected? – The entirety of the American Southwest 1. Research 2. Facts, Statistics III. Opposition Section (half a page) – This water source needs to be used because we have nothing else. A. The Opposite Side B. Research to Support Opposite Side IV. Rebuttal Section (page and a half) – If we continue to use this water source we will have nothing left in the near future. A. Research-Based Strongest Argument – B. Repercussions of the Problem if not Solved – No water will be left for the American Southwest to use. C. Research-Based Solutions – Conservation V Conclusion (half page-three quarter page) – If we don’t work together to solve the problem, we will run ourselves into the ground. A. Restate Thesis B. Brief Summary with no new information Argumentative Research Paper Outline Welcome to the Senior Research Project. It will consist of several assignments combined into a final research paper. The paper will be argumentative and persuasive; in other words, you will choose a controversial topic and take a side. This project will test your research, organizational, and writing skills as well as severely test the level of your accountability.

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