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The Women of Brewster Place Essay Prewriting
Step 1: Highlight the prompt you will be responding to in your essay.
âž” Each of these women copes with enormous loss in their lives, but each manages their grief
differently. Examine how grief has changed these women and how or if they were able to
get past it.
âž” The book opens quoting Langston Hughes referring to “a dream deferred.” What does this
phrase signify in the lives of Brewster Place’s women individually?
âž” Many of the women in Brewster Place are perpetually “homeless.” How do they find solace
in their relationships and with other women?
âž” Throughout the novel, Brewster Place is personified as a character itself. Is the street a
protagonist or an antagonist? What effect does this have on the impact of the story and on
its outcome?
âž” You may also choose another element of the story to analyze. If you choose this option,
your topic must be approved by the teacher before you proceed. If this is the case, write it
Step 2: Find 4-5 quotes in the book that are relevant to your prompt. Write or copy/paste
them below. INCLUDE THE CITATION. Then, explain how this quote will prove your prompt.
Quote 1:
Quote 2:
Quote 3:
Quote 4:
Quote 5 (optional):
Step 3: Form your thesis statement. Think of your thesis statement as the answer to the
prompt you chose.
The Women of Brewster Place by Gloria Naylor humanizes the building of Brewster Place into
an unconventional protagonist to demonstrate ___________________.
Gloria Naylor prefaces The Women of Brewster Place with Langston Hughes’ poem,
“Harlem”, to illuminate how African-American women in the mid-1900s _________________.
Now write yours (Don’t worry if it’s not perfect–we will workshop it together in class!)
My Thesis Statement

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