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Hi Christina,

Could you please discuss my report and what you have learned? If yes, I post a question I will invite you

For Example Outcome 3 Communication:

An ability to communicate with a range of audiences

Possible Rationale:

The attached report was to be developed similar to a Geotechnical Report, which is a professional report presenting laboratory test results and data about my project and site to other engineers and project owners. My instructor explained how this type of report would be what a Geotechnical Engineer would produce in practice and deliver to their clients. The information in this report was supposed be useful for a person that was previously not familiar with the conditions at my project site or the soils that were being tested, and who may not know very much about the engineering properties of soils in general. The test results are presented in the appendices so that a technical audience can review the results directly, but I have also interpreted and described the results and how they pertain to the project/site in a way that a person with little engineering knowledge could understand.:

Outcome 6 Experiments and Data:

An ability to develop and conduct appropriate experimentation, analyze and interpret data, and use engineering judgement to draw conclusions.


The attached lab summarizes my work in laboratory tests performed throughout the semester. I was working to analyze the properties of soils by performing a series of laboratory tests and by analyzing the resulting data. I had to ensure that I had all of the necessary data and that I calculated all the necessary resulting values from the collected measurements. I also had to verify that the TA ran the test correctly, to the best of my knowledge. After the lab, I got the data and followed the process outlined by the instructor to calculate several soil properties. My results were reasonable so I felt that the process went relatively smooth and as planned


My results were not really what we were expecting and did not quite match expectations. I suspect we had an error when we ran the test.

All I need to write same this idea , but in different way.

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