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You are an Inspiration Essay Assignment: Competence + Caring + Character = Credibility


Given the post trust era, credibility is more important than ever. To be seen as a credible person people need to trust you. To establish yourself as trustworthy you need to demonstrate the three C’s described in your textbook: Competence, Caring and Character.


Your job now is to identify

a single unique individual

– a co-worker, boss, coach, pastor, teacher that served as an inspiration to you.

Choose a person that you observed over a period of


so you can offer specific examples of their behaviors and actions. I prefer that you

do not

use a close friend or family member for this activity.

Content of Essay:

You are to type a CONCISE and well written 1-2 page single-spaced essay which describes specific behaviors. Choose behaviors that reflect positively on each of the three C’s: Competence, Caring and Character.

For example, you might choose a professor from the UWT and describe the level of competence as quite high and you would explain that through their understanding of the content of their course and ability to understand and explain the information. You would provide specific examples of how you knew that they were or were not competent.

Next you would

examine the same person

for the dimension of “caring”. Did this person demonstrate caring to you or to others? What behaviors did they show that led you to believe that they were or were not caring? Do they appear to be motivated to help you, or others?

Lastly, you will conduct the same type of analysis on the person’s “character”. What evidence do you have to suggest the level of character the person exhibits? Consider how honest or ethical their behaviors are. Are they forthcoming, open and transparent with their communication style? How do they handle confidentiality? Do they appear to be driven by personal values? Do they adhere to organizational values? Your values?


As a conclusion, you are to reflect upon the overall mix of the three C’s.

How did your assessment of each factor affect your level of trust towards this individual? How much credibility would you give this person?

Consider the level of importance you put on each of these factors personally.

For example, do you find that you put a great deal of emphasis on “Competence” when assigning trust to another person? Or, do you conversely consider character to be what makes you more willing to assign credibility and trust to this person?

Of the three C’s which are you most willing to allow a deficit in?

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