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“But why should I be original? Why can’t I be non-original”, Andy Warhol.

“I am interested in the distribution of physical vehicles in the form of editions because I am interested in spreading ideas”, Joseph Beuys.

“But than architect don’t build their own houses”, Damien Hirst.

Write a four-six page paper with your personal feelings on the importance or the non-importance of the “original”.

Decide what aspect of the idea of the ‘original’ interests you from the choices listed below.

Use this writing as a way to put together your personal thoughts on the place of the “original” in today’s art world. Please use references to readings and examples of artist’s work we discussed in class or the work of artists you are personally interested in to support and illustrate your points. Please include images where they are appropriate.

Choose one of the following questions concerning the ‘original’ to help focus the direction of your paper.

(A) In a world of mass-produced objects, an “original” still stands out.

Traces of the artists’ hand, mistakes, corrections, variations, and defects are what are unique to an original work of art.

How has the increasing use of reproductive mediums by artists affected art, and what is made today?

Look at how different artists have reacted to modern methods of production, their acceptance or rejection of them, and the kind of work they produce in reaction?

(B) Look at the place of the singular work vs. the multiple in the total output of artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Edward Ruscha, Louise Bourgeois, Joseph Beuys, Rosemarie Trockel, Richard Prince, Jeff Koons, etc…

How do singular and multiple works function differently, do they function differently?

(C) Compare and contrast a specific artist’s use of inherently “singular” mediums such as their drawing, painting, and sculpture with their use of inherently “reproductive” mediums such as printmaking, casting, photography, film & video, publishing, and all forms of digital production. What changes, and what stays the same?

What do you think attracts artists to create print editions, multiples, artist’s books, and posters?

(D). Appropriation, Collage, Re-photography and the use of other people’s ‘originals’ to create an ‘original’ work of art.

How much does the artist have to change their source materials to make it “original”? Do you have to change anything, for it to be an ‘original’?

Should artists be hindered by modern copyright laws and the threat of litigation in the creation of work? Can art be copyrighted?

What are your feelings on the use of appropriation and re-photography as a artistic method?

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