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Please help me completet the ten questions on this astronomy homework.

True or False Questions:
1. True or False [3 pts]: Planets can have thick atmospheres, but moons cannot.
2. True or False [3 pts]: All asteroids have similar compositions.
3. True or False [3 pts]: Particles within planetary rings rotate at the Keplerian velocity.
4. True or False [3 pts]: All four giant planets have rings.
5. True or False [3 pts]: The force of gravity decreases as 1/distance^2, whereas tidal
forces decrease as 1/r^3, meaning that tidal forces decrease more rapidly with distance.
Short Answer Questions:
6. [6 pts] Where do meteorites come from? Name at least two locations.
7. [8 pts] Which two places in the Solar System do comets come from?
8. [6 pts] What is the difference between a star and a planet?
[30 pts] List at least three differences between storms and atmospheric circulation
on Jupiter compared to those phenomena on Earth. Hint: Read Chapter 11 of the
10. [35 pts] Neptune & Earth
a. [20 pts] Using the values given your textbook Astronomy for the sizes of Neptune
and Earth, approximate the number of Earths that could fit inside the volume of
the planet Neptune. Hint: You can answer this problem by comparing the volumes
of Earth and Neptune.
b. [5 pts] Calculate the total mass of the number of Earths you found in part (a).
State your answer in kilograms.
c. [10 pts] Compare your answer to part (b) to the actual mass of Neptune. Is your
answer to part (b) more or less massive than Neptune? Why?
Extra Credit Option 1 [up to 3 pts] Write a haiku about the Coriolis Effect. Recall that haikus
are three-line poems in which each line has a set number of syllables. The first and third lines
should have five syllables and the second line should have seven. We would like to feature the
best haikus in lecture. Let us know if you do not want your haiku to be shared with the class.
Here’s a sample haiku for inspiration:
the Planets students
mastering science concepts
headed for the stars
Extra Credit Option 2 [up to 3 pts]: In 2-4 sentences, please provide a status update on your
observing projects and include at least one sketch for each project (sunset and Moon). How many
observations have you acquired of the Moon and sunset? How many more sketches do you think
you will need to finish the project and when will you obtain those observations?

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