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Interview Questions
GBMC FOR performance improvement and innovation
Tell me about yourself
My name is ……. I speak two languages; Arabic, and English. I will graduate in
December 2021 with majors in Healthcare management and a minor in business
administration from Towson University. I have always loved working in a hospital and
helping patients get the utmost best quality of services and make the best improvement.
This goal aligns with the job position that I’m applying to do internship at GBMC.
I worked hard in school to acquire all the knowledge and skills needed to perform my
roles and responsibilities efficiently. I learned about healthcare quality management
systems while at Towson, and throughout the course, I maintained good grades to
graduate with a GPA of 3.64/4.
( try to come up with something better than this if you can )
1. Why should we hire you?
Over the years, I have acquired relevant skills and experience, which I shall bring to
your organization. I am a hardworking person and equipped with resourceful skills to excel in
this internship position. I am a team-oriented person, passionate about my work, and your
organization offers me a great opportunity to put my skills to practice and gain experience. In
addition, I am a versatile person; I speak Arabic and English fluently. With these skills set, I
believe I am a valuable person to your organization.
( If you think this is a good answer don’t change it )
1. Strengths
One of my major strengths in the working environment is I have a strong desire to take my
job role responsibilities well and complete the work on time. during school time, I never
missed deadlines and I did whatever It takes to not miss an assignment. In addition, with the
stipulated time, I can take on many tasks and complete them successfully.
(No need to change anything here )
One of my weaknesses involves I am not quick to ask for help. In the past, I have trusted my
knowledge and skill while completing tasks, and asking for help was a point of weakness.
However, this has not proven to be accurate and effective, and I have had challenges completing
tasks until I learned to ask for help. The foundation I have gained from my school years at
Towson University, I have learned the role and benefits of working in teams and as a team
(No need to change anything here )
What is your biggest accomplishment?
Try to come up with something related to school. For example a biology anatomy and
psychology class. How I MANGAE to get an A. if you have something you can write it. It would
be better if there is something els.
Why do you want to work with us?
(Write anything about the GBMC for example your heard good staff about the organization and
you know someone who recommended it )
Tell about a time where you had to manage a difficult situation?
( When I had group project assignment and one of my group member did do his
part and he I had to something about it. ( try to make ea better answer but in
the same idea
Also try c0me up with another situation that happened in collage. Any anything
What would you do if you disagree with your boos or someone on
your team?
(Try to answer this question in your opinion)

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