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Assignment: Becoming a Special Education Advocate

Becoming a leader in the field of special education entails being an advocate for issues and discrepancies often faced by students and their families, those with and without disabilities. Not only will you have to take on the challenge of defending your position and presenting your case, you will have to be innovative in how you deliver your message to a variety of audiences.

For this Assignment, you will synthesize the resources and research collected, and create an opinion editorial (op-ed) piece addressing the identified issue.

Purpose: To synthesize collected research and practice scholarly writing.

To prepare:

·Review resources on TED Lines, the CEC TED Division Newsletter.

·Think about what you might include in an op-ed piece on a specific issue for your state’s CEC TED Division Newsletter.


a 3-page opinion editorial. Include the following in your op-ed:

·Introduction, clearly identifying the issue and presenting your position for transformation

·Research to support your position and evidence for the need for transformation of the identified issue

·Conclusion, summary of the facts and findings

·At least 5 scholarly sources cited in APA format on a reference page


·Opinion Editorial Candidate creates a 3 page Opinion Editorial sharing his or her insight on their identified issue in the field of special education. Candidate shares specific information substantiated by current research, supporting his or her position and evidence for the need for transformation of the identified issue.

·Candidate identifies and includes at least five

scholarly resources

supporting his or her position and evidence identifying the need for transformation in the field of special education.

·Problem Statements- Candidate formulates at least two problem statements based on issues identified in the Case Study related to Jamal (Case Study Student).

·Introduction Candidate includes an introduction that clearly identifies the issue presenting his or her position for transformation.

·Conclusion Opinion Editorial summarizes the facts and findings.

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