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Personal Statement
Please be advised that the applicant should complete and upload a statement of
eager intent (2-3 pages double-spaced) answering the following questions:
Why are you interested in your chosen field and program?
When it comes to talk about why I chosen mentioned field and program, there are so
many reasons comes to my mind such as having permission to work at the time of
study and after that. Education in one of the best Canadian universities that is in
according with the advanced international educational system, also it includes best
method of learning that is accordance with the principals of educational psychology,
not only it improves my knowledge but also, my work experience. In addition, it is
progressed my field of study, to become advanced in job ranking moreover it helps
me to discover my talent and interest as well. I really like to experience different
educational lifestyle and Atmosphere, in order to acquire a considerable job
opportunity also a durable and suitable job position regardless of stress and anxiety.
Unfortunately, we don’t have ideal education system in Iran’s university moreover
university courses are so limited in Iran although I passed some great courses in
Industrial Management Institute and I was so satisfied with that. in short, I am
actually interested in this program.
Why is Adler University’s program a good fit for you?
if I want to study Adler university, I would prefer to choose social change leadership
Due to this fact Adler private university concentrate on social affairs related to
psychology also it’s included different field of study such as world peace and
environment, advocacy, justice, social awareness and human rights due to this fact
that I have pacifism and justice personality traits and I am always in favor of the right.
Not only I love community health but also, I support the human rights advocacy.
Ranking of Adler university is important for me Adler university has top ranking
among other worldwide university. Generally Canadian educational system complies
with first-class educational planning.
program allows all students, no difference between international and native students
or different religions, to channel their passion for public policy and social advocacy,
and prepares them to become leaders in the field. Students learn how to effectively
use policy to bring about positive social change in the community, with a focus on
developing, implementing, and evaluating policy initiatives that promote not only
health, but also political, social, and economic justice.
What are your career goals and interests?
When it comes to talk about my favorite job opportunity so many of them comes to
my mind such as psychologist, social counseling, lawyer, advocacy, ambassador of
peace, humanitarian activities, world health organization, environmental engineering,
are my favorites job opportunity. I really interested in that all human have justly and
righteous behavior to others and real justice govern them. I like to avoid of
discrimination and violence in different dimension of my live. my goal is conservation
of natural resources and environment due to save the world. honestly, I’m in favor of
justice and truth and I always like to stand against oppression and defend the
oppressed. I love giving advice and helping people. In conclusion I am really
interested in giving advice and solving human’s problems.

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