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Genre and Format

Adobe Spark Page/website, 750-900 words of written text, including MLA in-text citation of print sources, and a works cited page. If you use free photos made available through Spark, they are licensed for fair use, so no citations are required. If you upload videos from YouTube or other sources, you will need to add them to your works cited page. You can also upload your own photographs or videos.


: 8-10 sources,


By now, you have defined and narrowed your particular research question, located strong sources on your issue, and developed a solid academic argument on the issue. Your purpose for this multimodal assignment is to first research a specific public audience (rather than the academic audience that you were addressing in essay 2). Thereafter, you will develop a project that engages this public audience by presenting your issue in a way that highlights its importance, your stance on the issue, and the action that you want your audience to take on the issue.

For instance, if my topic/issue this semester is gender bias, and in essay 2 I wrote about the problem of gender bias in the workplace and how it leads to discrimination and inequality in terms of salary and promotion, this assignment will be about what can be done to solve this problem.

You will need to think through the following elements of your rhetorical situation:

An Audience that has the potential to take the action you deem necessary on your issue.

A Purpose or specific action that you would like to see taken on your issue.

A compelling Context for your issue that will enable readers to understand the social importance of your argument.

Rhetorical Strategies that will move your audience to take up your call for action.

A Genre of writing (multi-modal) that will fulfill your purpose and move your specific audience.

Multimodal Composition

A multimodal text is composed by using one or more “modes” of communication such as a combination of “moving and still images, sounds, music, color, words and animations” (Takayoshi and Selfe 1). You have worked with integrating print and visual modes throughout the semester in your Spark Video Reflection journal. In choosing a blue background versus a photo on your slide, and adding print text onto that background, inserting music and recording your voice, you have really experienced what it means to engage in multimodal composition.

For this assignment, I am asking you to make specific design choices by using Adobe Spark Page to convince your audience of the many ways in which the problem (from essay 2) can be solved.

Visual Design

As we will learn in class, there are several elements to effective visual design, and I will be asking you to focus on the most important of these as you develop your Public Argument.

Visual Function: A clear purpose for the text and design elements in your project. Each element will need to be “functional” rather than ornamental.

Visual Impact: visual images work with the text to create a persuasive overall effect, one that engages the viewer/reader and moves them to consider the argument.

Visual Coherence: clear and coherent connections between the visual elements of the text are connected by color, framing, font, shape, etc.

Visual Organization: visuals and text are arranged in a way that makes them easy for viewers/readers to comprehend.


Purpose and audience: Start by approaching the short assignment, which will enable you to narrow down your specific focus and audience. In any argumentative writing, you need to be clear about the audience that you are seeking to persuade because it enables you to think from their point of view and address their concerns. By a public audience, we mean any segment of the population, not just restricted to the academia. As such, when I am looking for solutions to my problem of gender bias in the workplace, my audience could be all kinds of employers who are unaware of such biases and/or unwilling to do anything about it.

Genre: Since you till be making a Spark Page, which is a website that works like a vertical scroll (like this assignment), you can start this step by posting on the discussion board about the design and color choices that you are considering. For instance, for my topic on gender bias, I might want to use colors along the pink/blue spectrum to signal the inequality in the workplace, and then switch to pink or purple as I emphasize the solutions.

Drafting: The most effective way to compose in a multimodal genre is to write out the print text in a Word document, and select images/make layout choices based on that content. So, while I have a general idea of what colors and what kind of images I will use, I will set up my writing along these lines:

Thesis (Gender bias in the workplace continues to impact the wages and wellbeing of women; unless more specific action is taken by employers, the inequality in the workplace will impact its overall productivity)

Background information (from the synthesis essay to show the prevalence of gender bias across workplaces in the US)

Summary of the problem (from the academic argument to show why it is a problem)

Analysis of several solutions (use videos, images, and scholarly sources to support your claims)

Refutation of the counterargument (workplaces are doing so much already in terms of providing training for employees; however, the practical implementation of such training has been slow and there is need for routine updates, rather than a one-time session).

Recommendation for action: what would be the best course going forward and how will it be beneficial to everyone.

Conclusion: Refer back to the thesis and emphasize the need for action and its long term benefits.

Making the Spark Page: Now that I have my content ready, I will start making the Spark Page by choosing the layout (how many split screen, how much glideshow, grid etc.). I will have a workshop session on Friday to help you create the Spark Page.

Feedback: More than any of your works this semester, the multimodal project benefits the most from peer review and any feedback that you can gather. Since your audience is more open, you can also gather feedback from friends and family, just to see if the layout works for them, what they say about your choice of colors/font etc. As always, I will also be providing feedback on the drafts.

Revision and evaluation: Like all your previous drafts, you will revise the draft on the basis of the feedback that you have received. The evaluation for this assignment counts for more points because I am hoping that you will discuss your process as well as the choices that you made in about a page. This evaluation is also your chance to justify what you did, how you went about it, and why it matters.

Submission: You will need to publish the Spark Page and then copy and paste the link in the text box. You can upload the self-evaluation page separately as a Word document.

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