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BA 590 intro
Submit a 300 to 500 word introduction to your paper or plan. (5 points)
Whether you are writing a research paper or a business plan you will need
an introduction. Submit yours this week. It must make it clear to the reader
what it is that you intend to do and,if it involves research, how you intend
to go about it. Often students forget to have a sentence or two in the intro
that states exactly what they are going to do in the paper. I encourage you
to include those sentences.
590 Annotated BIB
Submit your Annotated Bibliography of
appropriate sources for either the research paper or the business plan – at least 10, of which at least five must be p
business plan, but once students look a little harder they always can identify some. This annotated bibliography wil
References should, for the most part, be recent and all should be pertinent to your paper.
Final Report (Week 6- due by Thursday, August 19 evening at the latest) Final Paper is 15
– 20 pages not including title page, reference page and appendices. I have seen papers
that are over 20 pages. Please submit it here. This should be formatted per APA 7
NOTE: Inclusion of more than 10% of the work of others without appropriate
acknowledgment, or of your own work from a prior paper, will result in failure not only on
this paper, but also in the class.
If more than 29% of the paper is made up of the cited work of others two points will be
deducted for every percentage point beginning at 30%.
Topic Proposal
Shaquella Jackson
Upper Iowa University
BA 590
July 12, 2022
Topic Proposal: Enhancing Motivation in the Workplace
One of the major reasons for researching on employee motivation on the workplace is
due to the fact that, the level of motivation determines the workplace performance and in the
longer term, the overall performance of the company. The focus of the paper is to implement
instinct motivation strategy in all the functional departments. This will be accomplished though
changing the current motivational structure to include elements besides the monetary incentives
and as such include positive working environment, flexible working hours, and implement a
learning organization program. It is also imperative to note that due to the current competition in
the labor market, the companies which offer better motivational initiatives tend to attract better
employee pool. Also, a company’s staff tends to be driven by intrinsic motivation, which is a
source of personal and professional joy and success that is sustained even when a person leaves
the company (Barnett, 2020). A large part of what drives people to produce their best work is a
strong sense of self-identity and a feeling of personal responsibility. Because of this, human
resources must abandon extrinsic incentive in favor of techniques focused on intrinsic drive.
Introducing and strengthening talks between workers and management should be the first step in
this instance.
Research on employee motivation is important due to the fact that the varying
motivational theories have distinct impact on the management approach for any company.
Following that, management leverages the input from the employee satisfaction reports to offer
data on the everyday interactions between management and employees themselves. These kinds
of dialogues may assist leaders better understand what it takes for their employees to be
successful. When an employee leaves or is replaced at a firm, the term or period of years they
worked there is counted (Barnett, 2020). Employees that have a strong sense of purpose are
regarded as the company’s most trustworthy and important assets. In addition to being more
dedicated, efficient, and consistent, they also tend to remain with one company for longer
periods of time. Absenteeism may rise as a result of low morale, a lack of acknowledgment, and
a lack of trust between coworkers and superiors, all of which can lead to lower productivity.
Notably, also, the employee motivation topic significantly aligns with my specialization
which is Human Resource Management. The HR management include the handling of the human
capital within an organization. Motivating employees is one of the major functions of a HR
manager especially considering that, in recent times, HR role has been integrated within the
organizational strategic focus (Barnett, 2020). The manager of human resources must realize the
importance of employee motivation in raising overall performance. A strategic approach is
needed in order to achieve the desired outcomes for the company. In addition, HR has to allow
employees to connect dynamically with both professional and recreational activities, constantly
taking into account their talents, attributes, and personalities. Workplace collaboration is
therefore emphasized in order to help the group devise concepts, methods, and objectives for
accomplishing the company’s objectives. In order to integrate HR regulations with corporate
strategy, these activities must be directed by the corporation ‘s purpose, vision, and objectives.
Human capital, on the other hand, cannot be undervalued since it is the company’s most valuable
Barnett, J. (2020, January 6). Here’s what happens when leaders get employee motivation right.
Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/jimbarnett/2020/01/06/heres-what-happenswhen-leaders-get-employee-motivation-right/#199819b45c13
Enhancing Motivation in the Workplace Detailed Outline
Enhancing Motivation in the Workplace Detailed Outline
a. Motivation that is derived from inside, such as the pleasure derived from an
activity, is known as “intrinsic rewards.”
b. There are a lot of people that are self-motivated and don’t want to pay for their
work or operation (Gerhart & Fang, 2015).
c. The overall well-being of a person is enhanced more by intrinsic than by extrinsic
motivational elements.
d. Long-term commitment requires intrinsic motivation when faced with a variety of
problems or issues that need a variety of ways to problem resolution and job
a. IM is linked to a sense of mastery and mastery over the difficulties of the task at
hand, as well as to a sense of satisfaction and ease in tackling those difficulties.
b. Within activities, young individuals have a great deal of opportunity to increase
their ability to feel and manage their IM
a. Metacognitive methods, such as self-reflection, are predicted to become more
common in the workplace as a result of IM (Chen, et al., 2013).
b. Cognitive engagement and processing depth are predicted to be higher with IM.
c. It is predicted that the use of IM will result in a more open and innovative
approach to information processing.
a. For a company’s workers to enjoy their work, they need to believe that their
contributions are valued.
b. Workers will be more likely to trust you if you create a trusting connection with
them beforehand (Gerhart & Fang, 2015).
c. Workers must send a corporation email or award points that may be exchanged
for vouchers to recognize other workers’ hard work.
d. Giving workers the option to choose tasks that are most suited to their own
interests and specialisms is a self-motivating mechanism.
e. The self-esteem of employees rises when they are mentored and given the chance
to participate in career development workshops and training sessions (Barnett,
f. This intrinsic motivation comes from a feeling of solidarity and a investment in
the organization’s growth for workers who participate in the decision-making
a. Because of the flexibility of the human brain, IM is able to mobilize concentration
in a way that is efficient, economical, and self-sustaining.
b. Intrinsic motivation tactics, which are widely acknowledged across the world,
must be implemented by the company.
c. The most current scientific research has found three key factors that contribute to
intrinsic motivation in the workplace. These elements include meaningful team
and supervisory connections, regular and open communication with high
autonomy and acknowledged standards, and connecting employee abilities with
the work they are selected to develop or aid.
d. There are ways to get around this, such as incentives for promotion or a strong
sense of purpose.
e. People are more likely to succeed when motivated by intrinsic rather than
extrinsic factors while attempting difficult, quality-oriented tasks that call for
original thinking.
Barnett, J. (2020, January 6). Here’s what happens when leaders get employee motivation right.
Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/jimbarnett/2020/01/06/heres-what-happenswhen-leaders-get-employee-motivation-right/#199819b45c13
Chen, X., Ma, J., Jin, J., & Fosh, P. (2013). Information privacy, gender differences, and intrinsic
motivation in the workplace. International Journal of Information Management, 33(6),
Gerhart, B., & Fang, M. (2015). Pay, intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation, performance, and
creativity in the workplace: Revisiting long-held beliefs. Annual review of organizational
psychology and organizational behavior, 2(1), 489-521.

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