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Research Project
You are the new project / quality manager at Health Clinic Quality Improvement Experts LLC, a local
company for the past 12 years in the Indianapolis, IN area. Your first assignment will be for the Dr.
Donald Snickerbush, Hamilton County, Colonoscopy Clinic. The clinic has five teams performing
colonoscopies at their Carmel, IN facility. Each team consist of an Admittance Expert, a Triage and
Preparation Nurse, an Anesthesiologist, a Procedure Nurse, a Proctologist, a Post Procedure Nurse
Specialist and a Closure Nurse. The clinic has the ability and facilities to run five lines of work at any
one point in time and a separate patient arrival area / waiting room. The clinic has some concerns as
to its business and increasing revenue as well as the quality of its services.
Our Corporate / Six Sigma Project Objectives in this engagement include:
• Reduce the number of colonoscopy process errors system wide.
• Improve documentation of colonoscopy administration.
• Reduce waste in product and time in colonoscopy administration.
• Improve patient satisfaction with their colonoscopy experience.
• Improve bed flow for patients receiving a colonoscopy.
Our overall objective is to increase our patient turn-around per day while at the same time increasing
our patient customer satisfaction results, increasing our clientele and decreasing medical errors.
In order to complete the needed objectives we will apply a Six Sigma full DMAIC process. Please see
the documents to be created for the project below. As a team, it is extremely important to all of you
that you participate in the creation of every document listed below in some way. That you leave this
course with the knowledge of what that document is for and what it typically contains. You will need to
create all of the documents as a team and you will use those documents to create slides for your
project status presentation Sunday morning using Power Point. Need each of topic 2 slides.
Total 8 slides needed and 1-2 Total Page of word doc of related side basic
Project Charter (Friday)
Statement of Work (SOW) (Friday)
Scope Document (Friday)
Complete Risk Identification
Create a Risk Matrix
Create a Risk Remediation Plan
Define the Problem by Developing a “Problem Statement”
Define the Goal by Developing a “Goal Statement”
Define the Process by Developing Process Maps (Saturday)
Measure – Determine What Variables We Will Study (Saturday)
Measure – Create a Plan to Collect the Data (Saturday)
Analyze – Look for What Might be Causing the Problem
Analyze – Verify the Cause(s) of the Problem (Saturday)
Improve – Brainstorm Solutions That Might Fix the Problem and Select the Practical Solutions
Improve – Develop Maps of Processes Based on Different Solutions (Saturday)
Improve – Select the Best Solution(s) (Saturday)
Control – Design Measures to Ensure Improvement (Saturday)
Document the Improved Process (Saturday)
Continuously Improve the Process Using Lean Principles (Saturday)
Closing Thoughts
How do I approach this?
Internet research is your friend – good Google topics = Six Sigma, Lean, Risk Management, DAMIC,
DMADV, Colonoscopy, Improving healthcare with Six Sigma, Project Quality, Risk Matrix,
I know:
-That many of you are thinking that I have no experience with healthcare, Six Sigma, colon rectal
care, project management, risk control, Lean, etc. What you must realize is that when you seek
employment as a project manager or a quality project person, you will always have this conundrum of
how much do I really need to know about the area of work the project lies within (telecom, IT,
construction, travel, human resources, insurance, health care, finance, etc.) do be effective at my job.
You will have potential employers who will think you need to know a great deal. You will meet folks
like me who would advise that is not the case. What you must be ready to do is learn / absorb as
much knowledge in the area of project work as soon as possible. Be ready to explore all of your
options to gain and find the knowledge you need to function effectively. You need to have just enough
vocabulary and knowledge to operate and communicate well and that will then continually grow as the
project moves forward. This is part of what makes being a project manager such fun – it is never the
same – never boring.

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