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Higher College of Technology
Business Studies
Group Assignment
Analyzing and drafting scientific articles
Allocated Marks =
10 + 5 presentation
Rationale and objectives of the Assignment:
1. To develop students’ ability to understand, critique and report on scientific articles
2. To develop students’ ability to recognize and understand Organizational Behavior
concepts and theories.
3. To develop students’ ability to recognize and combine appropriate sources of evidence
4. To develop students’ digital literacy and research skills
Topics to choose from:
You only need to write on one of the topics. Decide which of the topics you would prefer to write
your assignment on. Choosing a topic, you enjoy is one of the key characteristics of doing well in
this assessment-if you like the topic, you will definitely want to read and write about it!
Topics List:
1. Managing Stress and Emotions
2. Communication in the Workplace
3. Managing Groups and Teams
4. Conflict and Negotiation
5. Understanding Individual Personalities and Behaviors
6. Managing Groups and Teams
7. Organizational Change
8. Ethics in Business
9. Social Diversity in the Workplace
10. Motivation in the Workplace
11. Technology and Communication
12. Individual and Group Behavioral Theories Applied to the Workplace
13. Leadership and Management
14. Change Management and Conflict Resolution
Student’s Task:
Your task is to search, analyze and explain research articles relevant to the selected topic. You
need to use professional, clear and non-technical language. To do so, you are required to select
articles from the available databases (library e-resources, Masader) and search engines (google
scholar, etc.) to complete your assignment. Only select articles related to study carried in a time
span of 10 years.
You need to analyze the articles you have selected by filling in the following table:
Research Article-1
Who is the author?
Write full reference (Harvard Style)
Why the study was conducted? What is the
aim of the study?
The definitions of the key terms relevant to
your selected topic.
Out them in
Theories, ideas, arguments that were
highlighted and explained in the articles
and relevant to your topic (summarizing
and rephrasing); here you can list them in
quotations and then rephrase them in
drafting stage.
What are the findings and how can these
applied to the real world?
Research Article-2
After analyzing, you need to use the created table to draft your report according the enclosed
report template. Make sure to place the filled table in the report appendix.
You are required to submit your report online in the form of a word processing document via the
Higher College of Technology
Business Studies
Psychology at Work (BAHR2102)
Analyzing and drafting scientific articles
Allocated Marks = 10
Title of The Report: _________________________________________________________
Submitted by:
1. Name of the student: __________________________ (ID Number): _____________
2. Name of the student: __________________________ (ID Number): _____________
3. Name of the student: __________________________ (ID Number): _____________
4. Name of the student: __________________________ (ID Number): _____________
5. Name of the student: __________________________ (ID Number): _____________
Submitted to:
Date: ____, 2020
Give a brief about your selected topic and reasons why it is important (e.g. how is it beneficial to
organizations, community, etc.).
Mention and list without explanation the headings/subheadings that you will discuss in ‘relevant
studies’ section.
Relevant studies

Definitions of the key terms

Develop headings/subheadings from the theories, ideas, arguments used to support your topic.

Summarize the findings of the analyzed articles. Findings those are common or contested (i.e.
Are there any similarities or differences in findings?). How these findings are relevant to your
III. Conclusion

Make a conclusion about your topic based on the reviewed articles.
How this conclusion might help organizations, community, specific group of people?
V. References

Reference list: Sources secondary data
VI. Appendices
– Table of articles analysis
– Any other relevant information
Rubric for Report/ Output (10 Marks)
Table of Analysis
Relevant Studies
Total Marks
Criteria for the Report:
1. ORIGINALITY- the report should be originality done by the group.
2. Completeness of Report- Refers to the complete data with references and sources.
3. Report Quality- Refers to the neatness, correct format of the report.
Guidelines for Hard Copy Report:
1. It has to be printed in A4 with minimum of 6 pages and maximum 10 pages.
2. Use Arial Font and size is 12. The margin is preferably: Normal
3. The soft Copy should be submitted through e-learning (turnitin link) before the agreed deadline.
Rubric for Presentation / Output (5 Marks)
Introduction Relevant theories brief Relevant Studies brief
Submission date: Sunday 06 December 2020
Conclusion Reference
Total Marks

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