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Prompt: Create a 10 slide PowerPoint that gives insight into the various recruitment policies that organizations utilize to make job vacancies more attractive. Be creative in your approach and make sure you use photos and colors to make the PowerPoint aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, you will need to have at least two voice-overs in the presentation.

Requirements: Each paper/presentation submitted in this course should have a reference page. You are expected to reference and cite a minimum of three scholarly sources in each paper. APA 7th edition must be followed.

BUS 721
Executive Human Resource
Belhaven University
Unit 3
Human Resource Forecasting
Unit Topics
Human Resource Forecasting
â—¼ Downsizing
â—¼ Interviewing
Human Resource Forecasting
Human Resource Forecasting is essential as a leader is
charged with the responsibility of creating and
maintaining an HR planning process.
â—¼ Forecasting is the attempt to determine the supply of and
demand of various types of human resources predict
areas within the organization where there will be future
labor shortages or surpluses.
Example: The Bureau of Labor Statistics is estimating that the decade
ending in 2020, the US economy will have created about 70,000 lawyer
positions. However, U.S. Law schools are matriculating over 25,000
graduates a year. Therefore, there will be a labor surplus of 180,000
lawyers with no jobs for them to assume.
Downsizing can best be described as a planned elimination of
large numbers of personnel designed to enhance organizational
Things to remember: Downsizing does not always happen in
times of recession. Many times downsizing transpires during
strong times for strategic reasons and forecasting reasons.
Downsizing can help in short term fixes but in the long term can
harm the organization. Research shows that over 80% of firms
end up hiring positions back they downsized.
Selection interview is a dialogue initiated by one or more persons to
gate information and evaluate the qualifications of an applicant for
employment. Selection interview is the most known and utilized
selection method employed by organizations. The issue is research
shows the selection interviewing process has low validity and has
tendencies to be biased against certain groups of people.
Situational interview is an interview where applicants are confronted
with specific issues, questions, or problems that are likely to arise
within the job. This type of interview affords the interviewee to
showcase experience in areas that relate to the job at hand.
Quick recommendation: There should always be more than one person
interviewing as it helps protects against biases that a single individual might
have and allows different eyes and ears to be engaged in the hiring process.
What’s next?
â—¼ Complete reading assignments
â—¼ Complete writing assignments
â—¼ Answer discussion questions
â—¼ Complete unit quiz
Noe, R., Hollenbeck, J., Gerhart, B., & Wright, P. (2021). Human
Resource management (12th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.

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