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Essay questions
BIO-101 Test #2
This replaces the essay part written during the regular live f2f BIO101 tests
Write an answer (half-a-page to one typed page) to one of the following
questions. Write the number of the question you are answering (you don’t need to
copy the question). Upload your answer in a single Word or PDF document to
Moodle before the deadline. Your answer will be given up to 30% of your test
grade. No format other that Moodle upload will be accepted. If no answers are
received by the deadline, 100% of the grade will come from the Moodle quiz
“Lecture Test 2”.
1. Which is the variation of free energy (ΔG) value in a chemical reaction that
requires energy to proceed and which is the ΔG value in a reaction that
releases heat? Give an explanation.
2. What does catabolism and anabolism represent? How are these
activities related to the production and consumption of ATP?
3. In which of the stages in the complete aerobic degradation of
glucose are the products CO 2 , H 2 O, and ATP generated? (provide all
the instances) Which is the stage that generates ATP in fermentation?
What happens in fermentation with the other stages that occur in
aerobic respiration?
4. Compare in detail aerobic respiration with fermentation, providing at
least FIVE differences between them. Why is fermentation important?
Provide at least TWO facts that indicate that fermentation is
5. How do organisms capture the energy from the sun in photosynthesis?
In your answer, detail the role of the following: chlorophyll a,
accessory pigments, photosystems, water and ATP
6. “Photosynthesis is essential for life on our planet”. Do you agree or
disagree with this statement? Provide at least TWO lines of evidence
that support your choice.
7. Describe at least FIVE differences between carbon fixation in C 3 and
in C 4 plants and their consequences in both cool and wet and in arid
and hot environments.
8. Outline the five phases of the eukaryotic cell cycle and their main
9. Describe the cellular events that reverse themselves during mitosis
and specifically the nature of those changes as cell division occurs.
10.Discuss in some detail at least FIVE abnormalities in cells that can
lead to cancer.

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