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I just finished a SWOT analysis PPT presentation. the PowerPoint of that presentation is under the file name:1

This assignment will be based on receiving and delivering feedback to your peers.

How do you best appreciate feedback?

What is the best delivery method for feedback?

What went well?

What could be improved?

What would you do differently?

Did all members help out equally?

What was your greatest takeaway?

What would Online Food
odering systerm (Like
UberEATS) SWOT look like
during COVID times?
• With the global spread of the COVID-19, more and more countries
and regions have been subject to short-term blockades. restaurants
are required to stop serving dine-in meals and switch to online
orders, or call to take out. How has the Uber eats changed in this
• As more and more people are asked to stay at home when they are
quarantined. The frequency of people ordering food through the
phone and website has been greatly increased. This is an advantage,
many people are beginning to come into contact with online ordering
software which adds users to the uber eats software.
• Online food ordering software cannot give customers the real details of the dishes like dine-in, many
customer service may not be able to know through the menu whether the dish is what he wants.
• Because of the epidemic, restaurants are required to stop providing
dine-in food, so telephone and online ordering software have become
the only options for ordering, and more and more people are
becoming familiar with and using online ordering software. This is
undoubtedly an opportunity for UberEATS.
• With the influx of a large number of new users, it is a huge risk that
the platform can accommodate online users at the same time. If
there is no strength to satisfy a large number of online users at the
same time, it may cause the software to crash. Second, the level of
customer service for online ordering has been challenged, because
with the increase in orders, the number of problem classes for
customers will also increase, and customer service is also a big risk.

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