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Research Paper Suggested topics –– Select one topic from the following topics.
Police Officer Discretion
Problem-Oriented Policing
Community Policing
Zero-Tolerance Policing
Mandatory Arrest Laws
Kansas City Preventative Patrol Experiment
Policing the Mentally Ill
Policing Juveniles
The G.R.E.A.T. Program
Boston Gun Project
Crime Mapping
Students can select only one topic from the above suggested topic and that topic.
All papers will be submitted through Turnitin in CANVAS under the Turnitin
Research paper assignment requirements: All written assignments must be
completed outside of class and presented in a computer-generated form, adhering to
the use of APA format. Students MUST use APA format.
Student’s research paper must be twelve (12) point Times New Roman font,
including page numbers, doubled spaced and one (1) inch margins are REQUIRED.
In all cases, your research paper should adhere to standard usage of English grammar
and be free of spelling and/or typographical errors. (I’m picky about this!)
The research paper is due on the date assigned. Your paper must be at least a
minimum of four (4) pages to a maximum of six (6) pages, which does not include
the ‘Reference’ page. Students are to include a ‘Reference’ page as the final page of
your paper, which lists your reference sources. Also, make sure that you cite your
sources within your paper. Do NOT use your textbook as a reference source. It is your
responsibility to find a minimum of three to five professional resources using books,
trade journal articles, and/or peer reviewed articles. Do NOT use Wikipedia as a
reference source or newspapers or magazines. Your written assignments must be your
own work. Students caught copying or plagiarizing another person’s work will receive a
failing grade and be referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action. NO
All research papers will be submitted through Turnitin via CANVAS.
Read the instructions on CANVAS on how to submit your paper through Turnitin.
The grading rubric for the paper is as follows:
Topic overview of the topic selected
40 points
Current practices related to the topic used
25 points
Case in Point (Main theme of paper)
25 points
Grammar, punctuation, spelling, proper usage of APA formats
10 points

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