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You are to answer the following questions and complete the following projects based on your review of the chapter material and additional online research.

You will not receive credit for this assignment if I have any reason to believe that any of your answers are copied from another source and are not based on your own understanding of the chapter material and the question(s) – no exceptions.

Formula for successful submissions:

1. Clear and accurate answers; insightful, specific.

2. Answers address the questions clearly and fully, showing higher level analysis and synthesis of concepts and uses course vocabulary.

3. All facts are accurate and relate back to the answer. If material/sources other than the text is used, student provided adequate and appropriate citations throughout assignment.

4. Works cited are formatted in the correct APA style.

5. Use of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation; well organized; one idea follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions; questions stated before answers; format easy to navigate.

Review Questions – Submit your answers to the following questions using brief but comprehensive responses.

Chapter 1 Review Questions, page 33:


three major new information system trends.

List and describe

six reasons why information systems are so important for business today.


an information system and describe the activities it performs.

List and describe

the organizational, management, and technology dimensions of information systems.

Hands-On Projects – Management Decision Problem


Snyders of Hanover, which sells about 80 million bags of pretzels, snack chips, and organic snack items each year, had its financial department use spreadsheets and manual processes for much of its data gathering and reporting. Snyder’s financial analyst would spend the entire final week of every month collecting spreadsheets from the heads of more than 50 departments worldwide. She would then consolidate and reenter all the data into another spreadsheet, which would serve as the company’s monthly profit-and-loss statement. If a department needed to update its data after submitting the spreadsheet to the main office, the analyst had to return the original spreadsheet, then wait for the department to resubmit its data before finally submitting the updated data in the consolidated document.


the impact of this situation on business performance and management decision making. Submit your response in 1 – 2 paragraphs.

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