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Complete the Task Assignment Organizational Chart (Portfolio Assignment)

Develop and design a current organizational chart for the company you have chosen for this class.

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BUS 135 Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart
5. Develop and design a current organizational chart for the company.
You may use the resources in the Important Documents Folder.
Ahmed Ainte
Principle of Management
Dr. Hughes
Apple company is a multinational company specializing in technology, and it is located
in California, with its headquarters in Cupertino. The company has specialized in designing,
developing, and selling electronics that include computer software and providing online services
(Gansky, 2017). Apple company is considered one of the five giant companies in the United
States in information technology.
This essay will give a good description of the apple company, stating its background
from its conception to the current state, while providing the industry and the activities it carries.
It will also explain the company’s services and the products it produces, its main competitors,
and the total number of employees the company has. Finally, the paper will briefly describe the
current CEO explaining how many years he has served in the company and explaining his career
Apple company was pioneered by Steve Jobs, Ronal Wayne, and Steve Wozniak on the
1st of April 1976 as a partnership business. Apple computer company was integrated on the 3rd of
January 1977 after Wayne left and sold his shares to Jobs. After receiving a considerable capital
boost of $250,000 from Mike Markkula, a billionaire, its revenue developed exponentially in the
months that followed (Gansky, 2017). By 1980, the company sold many shares at $22 for each
share, which led to approximately three hundred billionaires.
Apple company has many products, including iPods, iPhones, iPods, Apple watches,
Apple Televisions, and home pods, among others. These products have many features and
unique capabilities compared to other effects (Ewa, 2017). Consequently, the company also
offers many software services, including an operating system that is only designed for Apple
products. It also provides Apple management systems that are remote, a remote desktop, and a
storage area for the network file system. The Apple company also has its play store that enables
Apple products to access and purchase software and application (Ewa, 2017). Furthermore, it has
iTunes where users of Apple products can buy music to listen to.
Apple being one of the big five companies in the United States in information
technology, has several key competitors. Some of these competitors include Samsung
Electronics, Microsoft, Huawei, Hewlett Packard, Sony, and Dell Technologies (Zhang, 2017,
39). These companies also produce electrical gadgets like computers, mobile phones, laptops,
televisions, and other products. Consequently, some of them also provide software services like
mobile software and other services.
The number of employees employed in Apple company continues to increase year after
year. As of 2020, the company has an approximate number of one hundred and forty-seven
thousand employees (Narayan, 2018, 3805). The company has many employees because it
dominates the public with a market cap of $1.3 trillion. This figure surpasses the gross domestic
product (GDP) of many countries. Furthermore, the market cap also surpasses the collective
stock value in majority exchanges across the world. Currently, the company’s CEO is Timothy
Donald Cook and has been the CEO of the company since 2011. He once served as a chief
operating officer under the direction of Steve Jobs.
Apple company is a multinational company that is located in America and deals with
technological products and software. Its products have a large market cap in the worldwide
market. The company has also provided job opportunities to hundreds of thousands of people
across the world. Its contribution to the world has been enormous, and the products and services
it offers have benefited many.
Ewa, W. J., Milosz, P., Martyna, K., & Michal, N. (2017, June). Apple Products: A Discussion
of the Product Life Cycle. In 2017 International Conference on Management Science and
Management Innovation (MSMI 2017). Atlantis Press.
COMPANY. International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 120(5), 37973808.
Zhang, Q. (2017). Research on Apple Inc’s Current Developing Conditions. Open Journal of
Business and Management, 6(01), 39.
Gansky, A. E. (2017). Myths and legends of the anti-corporation: a history of Apple, Inc., 1976–
1997 (Doctoral dissertation).

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