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I’m working on a history report and need support

I’m writing research in business research method , the title is “Do immigrants provide good or bad impact on a Europeans countries in 20th century”

i have done some of it(go through it and edit if its needed) and need your support to complete the remaining , please see the attached file to understand

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Course Code: BUS 321
Course Name: Business Research
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Research Manuscript Outline
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1.1 Conceptual Framework / Theoretical Framework
1.2 Statement of the Problem
1.3 Objectives and Hypotheses
1.4 Scope and Limitation
1.5 Significance of the Study
2.1 Research Design, Sources of Data, Instrumentation and Data Collection, and Tools
for Data Analysis (I have done some of them , please conduct survey (fake one
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5. References
6. Appendices
Do immigrants provide good or bad impact on a Europeans countries in 20th ?
Introduction and background
free movement of labor or “immigration” has been tough discussion throughout years
between economists and scientists. Immigration in general has different aspects, social
scientists look to immigrants from cultural and developmental aspects, whereas economists
look from economical point of view. This argument got harder in 2008 (great depression)
when oil prices and stock markets collapse, and 212 million people lost their jobs worldwide
(World, 2014). Immigrants worldwide are adding a valuable experience and that would
benefit the economy in general but when you go deep and investigating the situation from the
bottom, there is root of economic issues that will get bigger throughout time. Immigrants is
healthy and beneficial for the business firm itself since they can attract the foreign expertise
with fair salaries for both parties, so companies can manage the cost of the products they
sell(World, 2014).. when we look to immigration from different aspects, it is hard to state
final and unnegotiable decision about immigrants. My prime interest in this research is to
investigate the different aspects of immigration and how countries can manage this case.
countries always aim to build strong and reliable economy. All countries need foreign
expertise in order to contribute in the economy and develop new technology. For example,
USA is the biggest economy and has the largest number of immigrants worldwide. Immigrants
has helped USA a lot to build their economy and develop new technology (full fact, 2010).
many expertise has immigrated to America to have better life and America has benefited
from them. After the great depression in 2009, many Americans critics began to demand that
immigrants should not be employed and replace them with Americans since the
unemployment rate increase among Americans (full fact, 2010)
In this research paper, the writer is aiming to show you the different types of opinions
regarding this argument by explaining the idea from different perspectives. How the
immigrants helped the economy and the culture diversification. Also, in the same time how
immigrants can be harmful to the economy and countries.in addition, the writer will illustrate
the different beliefs among the critics worldwide and what is the best policies should
countries use to keep the economy strong and balanced.
Immigration has been the nature of human since they were found on this earth.
Historically, People move from one place to another to look for the necessities of life such as
water and food. Since the 20th century with the forth industrial revolution , people seek for
great quality of life, immigrants look for better jobs , job security and maintaining strong
future.in the 19th century , there was no restriction on jobs, the only condition that is
required is the basic skills you have , regardless your nationality or asking for valid
visa(Diligent Writers, 2013, p. 2138).With the increase in population, the immigration is
getting harder and harder because people education has increased and competition is harder,
countries have made laws that restrict immigration and only accept the highly educated
people in the complex industries such as , education , health , and high technology industry.
Statement of the problem:
Arguments among critics has begun after the second world war due to political and
economic reasons especially in Europe. In that time, resources and the infrastructure in these
countries were destroyed and people were surviving because of economic issues. European
countries have opened their boarders for immigrants in order to gain human capital that can
help to rebuild their economy. Huge number of immigrants were placed in Europe and they
were treated as citizens from 1946 to 1962. In that time during the immigrations of people to
Europe especially Indians and Pakistanis, Politicians were standing for restriction of
immigration for social security purposes. The Commonwealth Immigrants Act of 1962 was the
act that restrict the immigration in United Kingdom and European countries as well. In this
time and due to the needs of immigrants, economists were standing with opening boarders for
immigrants. When we look the United Kingdom economy after the world war II, you can see
the expansion and that because of help of immigrants who work hardly to rebuild these
countries (Diligent Writers, 2013, p. 1518).
After the recovery of European countries, immigration got much harder especially with 1962
act that restrict the immigration. Countries start to put new rules that make the immigration
more complex, high degrees, strong knowledge were needed to get accepted. If we look to
united states, which has the largest number of immigrants around the world, you will come to
conclusion that says, immigrants have contributed a lot in America development and
technology. for example, the scientist who develop and invent the nuclear technology is
Robert oppenheimer who was originally from Germany and his father moved to united states
in late 19th century (Lange, 2010, p. 562).If immigration would not have been allowed, the
whole picture of the world would not be as what it is today, it could be Germany or India the
largest economy and strongest country in the world today.
Research questions:
1.what is the different perspectives of immigrants contribution in country development,
in economy, culture , or new technology?
2.how can we evaluate their contribution based on many reasons?
3.how can country balance between opening boarders for immigrants and maintaining low
unemployment rate for its citizens?
Hypothesis and objectives:
Immigration is subject that cannot be classified easily. Researcher has to study the
various aspects of it in order to come up with conclusion even though, immigration could be
seen from different perspectives depend on many reasons such as , economy, culture, high
technology development. My prime goal in this research is to show how should countries look
to immigrants based on their situation and what is the best treatment for each country.
Scope and limitations:
The study aims to assess the free movement of labor during 20th century, specifically in
Europe and its impact to European economy , culture ,and high technology development.
Millions of people are involved in this study from different education levels how moved to
Europe and Britain in that time.The study is limited to evaluate the cultural and
economic impact of immigrants. We will illustrate the different aspects of migration
trying to briefly show the benefits and losses of migration
Studying the immigration to Europe in 20th century would benefit the third world
countries to establish immigration system that taken form valid experience. Third world
countries for instance, Saudi Arabia is facing difficulties in immigration, for that reasons,
we can study what Europeans did and try to match it with our situation based on our
resources and the need of immigrants.
Methodology of research:
Since the research is about an event happened in 20th , it is hard to make surveys and
interviews about this subject. As researcher I had to use primary and secondary method to get
my research complete and valid. Primary method was done by interviewing some of history
professors and the primary method was used effectively by gathering information that is
available in the books and journals. The research design rely on the history books of the
scientist and how each one represent that era and how I can conduct the right answer from
all these references.
Data collection:
Documents and records were the golden data collection method for me in this
research. Gathering information from different sources that helped my research to study the
various perspectives of the subject, occasionally I seek help from those interested in history
to enhance my knowledge in writing this type of research. Online references are not reliable
due to conflict between nations on who was right and wrong, so I decided to use only books
and trusted websites
Full Fact. 2010. Is Immigration Good Or Bad For The Economy?. [online] Available at:
[Accessed 20 September 2020].
World, Y., 2014. Is Immigration Good Or Bad? — Economy. [online] Economy. Available at:
[Accessed 20 September
Diligent Writers. (2013). Britain and America after World War II: bilateral relations and the beginnings of
the Cold War. Britain after World War II, 50(06), 50–3521. https://diligentwriters.com/immigration-inbritain-after-world-war-ii/
Lange, B. (2010). Immigration and Xenophobia. Hispanic American Historical Review, 90(3), 562–564.

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