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Product / Service Layout

This week, you will analyze the product or service layout of the company you selected in Week 1: Assignment 1. You will also analyze how the company does capacity planning and forecasting.

Search the company’s Web site and other available sources such as Hoover’s database system located in the Point University online library to determine the methods of forecasting, process or service design, layout planning, and capacity planning. Additionally, if the company has outsourced its manufacturing operations, analyze the strategy that led to outsourcing.




Submission Details:

Based on your research, write succinct discussions of each of these items.

Hayward Ward
Point University
Dr. Akins Ogungbure
July 11, 2021
Topic 2: How important is shopping to women? Is shopping only a female activity? What is the
difference between male and female customer psychologies?
This will be the topic that I will be deciding to research this semester, I feel like this will
be able to give me a lot of insight on the female’s behalf on shopping compared to the males as
well as supportive material on rather or not shopping is indeed a female activity only. I will also
be able to research and learn more about the differences between male and females when it
comes to their decisions as a customer.
Dressing For the Thrill
Johnstone, M.-L., & Conroy, D. M. (2005). Dressing for the thrill: An exploration of why
women dress up to go shopping. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 4(4), 234–245.
Women’s Perception of Factor’s influencing their food shopping choices
Preeti Dhuria, Wendy Lawrence, Sarah Crozier, Cyrus Cooper, Janis Baird, & Christina Vogel.
(2021). Women’s perceptions of factors influencing their food shopping choices and how
supermarkets can support them to make healthier choices. BMC Public Health, 21(1), 1–12.
Hayward Ward
Point University
Dr. Larry Singh
July 9, 2022
Tractor Supply Company
Tractor Supply Company which is also referred to as TSC or TSCO is an American retain chain
of stores which sells products for agriculture, home improvement, livestock, garden and lawn
maintenance, landowners, pet owners among others. TSC was founded in 1938 having its
headquarters located in Brentwood, Tennessee. The company has over 2000 stores serving over
40 states in the United States (TFC Annual Report, 2021).
Tractor Supply Company carries between 15,00-20,000 products in its stores, even including
recreational and work clothing, home goods, truck beds, garden and lawn tools, chicken coops,
fencing, feed for farm animals and pet food. Research shows that almost 15% of its in-store
products are very unique to the region of the store. Through the online platform, TSC offers 13
categories of products selling between over 140, 000 products. In the past two years, pet and
livestock categories of products accounted for 47% of the total company sales. These two
categories tied for the 2nd highest sales with 21% each: tools, hardware, towing and truck products;
and seasonal goods such as gifts, toys and garden and lawn equipment (TFC Annual Report, 2021).
They were followed by footwear and clothing with 7% and agricultural goods with 4% of the total
sales. TSC’s exclusive brands represented 29% of their total sales as per the 2021 report.
Based on the marketing department, TSC utilizes daily low-price philosophy to be able to provide
products consistently at competitive process which are complemented by the strategically planned
promotions all through the year (Glenn, 2017). The company also promotes a broad choice of
merchandise using a number of social and digital media initiatives, newspapers, television and
direct mail channels. Additionally, the company’s loyalty club known as Neighbor’s Club
facilitates its ability to engage with their consumers, identify and reward the best consumers,
encourage desired behaviours and also build a brand advocacy.
Under its distribution channel, currently, the company operates a distribution facility network for
the supplying stores with merchandise and delivering product that are ordered through the
company’s mobile application and websites. Also. TSC is building a new distribution center in
Navarre, Ohio which is expected to be almost 900,000 square feet and is anticipated to be
completed at the end of fiscal 2022. The company chooses the locations for its distribution facilities
with an aim of minimizing the logistics costs as well as optimizing the distance from the
distribution facilities to the company’s stores (Glenn, 2017). Also, the company’s distribution
centers aim at utilizing the labor and warehouse management tools which support the planning,
management and processing of inventory. TSC manages and controls its outbound and inbound
transportation activity in-house by using a transportation management system. Some researchers
have also argued that the company utilizes a number of common carriers for the store and direct
to the consumer deliveries. The transportation costs are managed and controlled via the carrier
negotiations, monitoring of the transportation routes and deliveries’ scheduling.
I decided to chose Tractor Supply Company as my favourite since it is among the top performing
companies with a revenue US$ 12.731 billion and a net income of US$ 997.1 million as of 2021.
In addition to that, the company has a number of exclusive brands including Red Stone and Barn
Star. Based on its corporate affairs, several scholars have revealed that TSC has been a sponsor
for 4-H since 2010. At the end of 2021, TSC was able to raise $1.3 million for the members of 4H (a United States based network of youth organizations that aims at engaging the youths to reach
their maximum potential while they advance the field of youth development) through its Paper
Clover campaign. In 2016, TSC started its Grants for the Growing program to be able to raise
funds for the Future Farmers of America (FFA) students. The National FFA refers to an American
youth organization that promotes and supports agricultural education. In 2021, the company
managed to raise over $750,000. In 2019, TSC started to work with the MuttNation Foundation,
which is a nonprofit organization that was foundation by Miranda Lambert that assists shelter pets.
It has been argued that the foundation is supported by the proceeds from MuttNations’s line of pet
products which are sold by Tractor Supply Company (TFC Annual Report, 2021). In 2020, TSC,
joined Microsoft, Land O’Lakes and others within American Connection Project to offer support
towards the rural broadband access.
Under the environmental and sustainability initiatives, the company stores were outfitted with the
LED lighting in 2017. In 2021, the company was named Investor Business Daily’s 100 Best ESG
Companies (Moran, 2018). At the end of 2021, the company decided to join the United States
Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership. TSC’s executive management has
also committed to ensure net zero carbon emissions by 2040.
Glenn, R. (2017). Tractor Supply Company: A Report of a Senior Study (Doctoral dissertation,
Maryville College).
Moran, L. (2018). Emerging from the Smoke: Does an Employer Have a Duty to Accommodate
an Employee’s Medical Marijuana Use after Garcia v. Tractor Supply Company. NML
Rev., 48, 194.

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