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Please use my log in information that I previously sent you to
see weeks 6 study material if needed to complete to the work.
Discussion 12
This week we looked at the history of the secondary mortgage
market as well as the ins and outs of how this market works. As
part of this discussion, we will look at the cycles of the market
and other trends and impacts to mortgage backed securities.
With your own knowledge and your own research, as well as the
resources from this week, consider the Subprime Mortgage
Crisis and the ensuing market downturn from 2007-2008.
With this in mind, do you think that we should have seen the
2008 crisis coming or predicted its occurrence? If so, what red
flags do you think should have been identified prior to the
crisis? If not, why do you feel we could not have predicted the
Please use my log in information that I previously sent you to
see weeks 6 study material if needed to complete to the work.
Discussion 13
There are four major classes of mortgage-related securities.
These classes are: mortgage-backed bonds (MBBs), mortgage
pass-through securities (MPTs), mortgage pay-through bonds
(MPTBs) and collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs).
Assume you are looking to make an investment in one of these
classes. Which class would you choose to invest in? Provide a
summary of that class. Explain why you chose to invest in this
security over the other options available.
Assignment Expectations
Discussions encourage collaboration and critical thinking in regards
to a presented topic. These discussions allow you an opportunity to
share knowledge and experiences, provide a deeper conversation
regarding a topic and potential outcomes, and provide a sense of
community within the online environment.
Your initial post for each discussion is due by 11:59 pm CT on
Thursday. Postings should be grammatically correct, free of spelling
errors, substantially add to the conversation and encourage further
thinking and discussion on the topic. Initial posts must be a minimum
of 200 words. Additionally, your initial posts require one
reference cited using the most recent edition of APA. This
must be an outside resource. Citations must be within the text
as well as fully cited at the end of the posting.
You must reply to at least 2 classmates’ posts for each discussion.
Responses must be at least 100 words and go beyond simple
statements such as “great post” or “I agree!” Should multiple follow
ups be submitted, the best follow ups will be graded. Response posts
are due by 11:59 pm CT on Sunday, except in Week 8, when response
posts are due by 11:59 pm CT Saturday.

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