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This is an evaluation of your business idea. Based on the previous assignments, evaluate your business idea by summarizing your business and analyzing the following elements:

Instructions:  Analyze, Generate Report

Corporate strategic vision and mission, including targeted areas for company growth

The types of products/services the company will deliver to the customer now and in the future

Global Marketplace Analysis. Investigate the global marketplace in which your company operates on the internet to discuss the following:

Analyze the current market, its size, the competitors, the global environment in which the company operates

Describe the worldwide target consumer demographics

Research and review 3 investment analyst opinions and summarize near term (12 months) and long term (3 years) trends for the market in which the company will operate

Analyze global geopolitical trends and their impact on the market

Evaluate the corporate strategy

Evaluate the market opportunity relative to global marketplace trends

Assessment of ethical, environmental, and political risks

Assessment of market readiness of venture

Venture risk assessment and financing requirements

Business Idea
My business idea is to establish a Pet Boarding company to provide a safe place for
clients to leave their pets as they travel. Pet services are among the fastest-growing segments in
the pet industry, and boarding services represent a significant component of the growth. The
IBISWorld estimates the U.S. market size for pet grooming and boarding as $8.4 billion in 2021,
a growth of 8.9% from 2019 (2021). The target market is pet owners who need care services like
boarding, daycare, pet salon and pet gym, and a clinic. It aims to solve the clients’ boarding
needs for their pets when away from their homes.
Skills for the Business
Pet boarding services need interpersonal, customer service, communication, and customer
services skills (American Pet Products Association, 2021). Other team members need
qualifications and accreditation in the veterinarian and have ambitions and passion for working
on animals.
Potential Partners
Establishing competitive pet boarding services may be costly (Kramer, 2019). I will
therefore need to partner with a qualified veterinarian as a co-founder to share the cost. I will
also partner with an IT specialist to digitize the company by installing a communication system.
Passion in the Idea
I derive my passion for the business idea from my interactions with a pet as an owner.
Handling my pets have aroused my understanding of their world. The experience has inspired me
to be gentle, patient, and careful in handling animals, which gives me the desire to make an
income for doing what I love.
Where to Start
The initial point in establishing a pet boarding company is business considerations
(Kramer, 2019). It involves all paperwork starting registering a premise as a business and
acquiring the necessary permits and licenses to operate the business legally.
American Pet Products Association. (2021). 2021-2022 APPA national pet owners survey.
Retrieved from https://www.americanpetproducts.org/pubs_survey.asp
IBISWorld. (2021). Pet grooming & boarding in the US- Market size 2005-2027. Retrieved from
Kramer, H. M. (2019). How to start a dog boarding business. Retrieved from
Value Proposition for Sacred.com
The Company
❑Lingo Pets Company is a pet boarding company that provides a safe place
for clients to leave their pets as they travel.
❑The company aims at tapping into the $8.4 billion U.S pet industry
❑The operation model involves a pet owner initiating through the app or
company website the intention to have their pets hosted for a specified
❑The company app or website immediately issues feedback indicating the
price and other services that may accompany boarding.
Value Proposition Statement
• Our Value Proposition
“Only two clicks and your pet is safe with us.”
❑ Lingo provides an online marketplace where value for money, convenience,
and excellent customer service is always a priority.
❑ Contact the company via the app or the website over pet boarding and get
the pet picked up and later delivered right at your door steps when the
boarding expires.
Steps of Communicating the Value Proposition
❑Knowing the customer – customer will provide relevant information to
enable the company provide quality and customized service
❑Knowing the product, idea or service – all types of pets, free peripheral
clinical care. Other services include pet cleaning and targeted feeding
❑Knowing the competitors – Bingo Pets
❑Distilling customer-based proposition –free pick-up and return, customer
convenience, pay after safe return, discounts and more deals.
Value Proposition Canvas
• B2B International. (2021, May 27). What is the value proposition canvas?
Market Segments
Market Segments
A market research gives insight into invaluable information that businesses use to roll out
their strategies. Among the information is a market segment, detailing the groups of people with
similar characteristics and where a business can focus its marketing activities (Arsova &
Temjanovski, 2019). Areas of considerations in market segments include behavioral, geographic,
psychographic, and demographic information that marketers use to categorize consumers. The
following discussion identifies marketing segments related to my business idea of a pet
Market Segments
One of the market segments for my business idea is based on demographic segmentation.
It includes categorizing customers based on information like their age, income, and gender. This
category will highlight the largest market segment, which is millennials. This market is also the
largest pet owners, with baby boomers following closely (Fry, 2020). Studies reveal that these
two market segments are the most significant financial spenders on premium pet products
purchased at specialty stores and e-commerce platforms.
Psychographic segmentation is based on customers’ attitudinal values. It helps markets
recognize potential customers’ values and beliefs. Market analysis based on this attribute can
help markets create a new market target based on customers’ trends and traits and identify
opportunities and challenges (Gichuru & Limiri, 2017). Based on this attribute, the markets can
identify various target markets. They include traveling pet owners that need to leave their pets
under professional care, owners that need premium services for their pets such as microchip
implantation, and those that prefer periodic grooming by a vet.
The other variable for consideration in market segmentation is customers’ geographic
information. The strategy involves targeting people living in a specific place as potential
customers for products and services based on the assumption that people sharing a location have
similar cultural considerations, needs, and wants (Arsova & Temjanovski, 2019). The attribute
will help create a market target for all pet owners in the city and its environs. Store and online
strategies will optimally serve these customers based on their needs. For example, pet owners
may visit the stores to get the company’s products and services or purchase products like pet
medicine from the company’s websites from the homes.
Review of Each Segment
On a scale of 1-10 on the Beachhead Market Selection Worksheet, the millennial and
baby boomer market scores 8 points in the ease of identifying buyers individually. The market
also has money to spend on the company’s products and services, making it a suitable selection
for the business idea.
Identifying buyers’ individual based on their attitudinal values is complex, and the target market
for travelers and pet owners in need of premium services scores 2 out of 10 in the worksheet.
Besides, it is not clear if the buyers in this market have money to spend on the offered products
and services, giving it a score of 3 on the worksheet.
Identifying buyers in the market target of a city is relatively simple. The market scores 9
out of 10 on the worksheet, and the market scores 7 in the access to money for spending on the
company’s products and services based on the city’s socioeconomic profile.
Ranking Market Segments
The most viable target market for the business idea is geographical segmentation
reaching out to city residents. It scores 9 and 7 in the ease of identifying buyers and their
financial endowment to buy the company’s products and services based on the Beachhead
Market Selection Worksheet. The second viable market is the millennial and baby boomer
market. The market is the largest generation and working population, giving it financial stability
and power to make economic decisions (Fry, 2020). Psychographic segmentation leading to
traveling pet owners and premium pet owners lags in the rank since buyers cannot be easily
identified individually. Besides, buyers in this market do not need the company’s products and
services badly.
Arsova, M. & Temjanovski, R. (2019). Strategy for marketing segmentation and differentiation:
Contemporary marketing practices. Journal of Economic, Management and Business,
4(1): 2019. Retrieved from https://js.ugd.edu.mk/index.php/JE/article/view/2733
Fry, R. (2020). Millennials overtake baby boomers as America’s largest generation. Pew
Research Center. Retrieved from https://www.pewresearch.org/facttank/2020/04/28/millennials-overtake-baby-boomers-as-americas-largest-generation/
Gichuru, J. M. & Limiri, K. E. (2017). Market segmentation as a strategy for customer
satisfaction and retention. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and
Management, 5(12):544-554. Retrieved from http://ijecm.co.uk/wpcontent/uploads/2017/12/51231.pdf
Persona Creation
Persona Creation
The target customer segment
The target customers of the pet boarding business are families with pets. There are several
families that have pets but there are times when they are not capable of taking care of their
pets. These pet owners usually want safe places where they can leave their pets for a while.
The following are the end-customers of the business;
Family consumers with no children under the age of 18 years
Persona for each end-user
General Information on Persona
What is the name of your Persona?
The persona are Family consumers with no children under
the age of 18 years
Where did you source this person
What types of biases are possible
with this Persona? (e.g. it is a
friend/relative who won’t be as
honest, the Persona is a potential
customer so you might advocate for
your product too early instead of
staying in inquiry mode)
What will you do to mitigate theses
biases as you work with the
What kind of access do you have to
the Persona? (Be careful to use
their time wisely because they are
not as motivated as you by your
The persona is derived from close family relationships.
What do you see as the strengths of
this Persona?
What do you see as the weaknesses
of this Persona?
The persona is financially capable and may afford our
services. Additionally, the persona has previously acquired
these services and as such they understand how the business
The persona is a poor communicator and may not properly
address their needs or issues. Poor communication may
affect the business relationship between us.
I agree I will revisit this Persona to
see if it is the best Persona on an
ongoing basis and change if a
better one is found and willing.
Since we are close family members and friends, it is likely
that this may hinder an objective interaction between us.
I will lay the rules of engagement at the beginning of the
engagement. It is necessary for all parties to understand
their roles and responsibilities as early as possible.
I have a personal access to the persona. I can call the person
directly at any time
__ Yes I will revisit this persona.
__ No
V2 – Updated Persona Profile Based on Interviews
Age Range
Income Range
Education Level
Marital Status
Political Affiliations
Other demographics 1:
Other demographics 2:
Other demographics 3:
Why do they do this
job or life this life?
Aspirations in life
Male and female
25-50 years
$ 40,000-$ 60,000 pe year
Not Available
Not available
Has a circle of friends
Has a stable family
Travels a lot inside and outside the country
Not available
Walking pets, reading and swimming
Anti-discrimination advocates such as civil rights movement advocates
To get the best out of what life has to offer
Day in the Life of your Persona
What are the typical
tasks the Persona does
each day, with the
amount of time
associated with each?
Which of these typical
tasks are habits?
Which require the most
Which does the
Persona enjoy?
Which does the
Persona NOT enjoy?
What makes it a good
day for the Persona?
What makes it a bad
day for the Persona?
Who is the Persona
trying to please the
What is the top priority
of the person/people
the Persona is trying to
please the most?
Priorities (what are
your Persona’s
priorities – focus first
on biggest fears then
biggest motivations –
and assign a weighting
to each so that it adds
up to 100)
The persona typically spends a day at work. The persona goes to work
early in the morning and returns later in the day. The persona also creates
time many evenings visiting relatives and friends. The visits usually last
between one and two hours. The persona does house cleaning most
mornings before leaving for work.
The task that has become a habit is visiting friends and relatives
The task that requires a lot of effort and time is cleaning the house each
The persona does not enjoy house cleaning
It takes a lot of time and it is also tiring
The persona has a good day when she can report back home on time and
find her pets under good care
The persona has a bad day when she realizes that her pets were not under
good care during the time when she was away
The persona tries not to please people. She tries to do whatever gives her
maximum happiness.
The top priority of the persona is to have her pets in good condition
1.__The biggest fear is losing her
pets_____________________________________________ Weighting:
2. ___Another big fear is having the pets sick or in any poor state of
3. __Having an untidy house is another fear of the
g: _15____
4. __The biggest motivation of the persona is to offer the best to the
5. ____Another big motivation is to have an environment that suits her
taste____________________________________________ Weighting:
Now revisit the General Information worksheet and update as needed,
especially for items 3, 4, 6, and 7.
Issues which could cause the end-customer to not buy your product or service
One issue that could cause the end-customer not to buy our services is a disagreement
over the costs. Consumers usually consider costs in their consumption of services and when
they realize that the costs are not within their budget, they will abandon the products (Mishan
& Quah, 2020). Additionally, the end-user will consider their tastes and preferences when
consuming the products such that when they realize our services do not align with their tastes
and preferences, they will not consume the products (Ulu, Honhon, & AlptekinoÄŸlu, 2012).
Finally, the end-user may not agree to buy our services when they have fundamental
disagreements with the terms and conditions of our business. Just like any other business, this
business will have terms and conditions that will dictate the nature of engagement with the
clients (Weller, 2017).
Information needed
There are several pieces of information that would be needed to be provided by the
end user in order to create a right customer segment as well as to create a full persona. One
piece of information that will be required is the budget of the customer, or the maximum
amounts of money the client is willing to spend for these services. This information will be
essential in determining whether or this is the right customer for the business (Yang &
Gabrielsson, 2017). Additionally, we will need all the client-specific details and information
that will help improve the quality of service delivery. It is important to note that customers
are unique in several ways and each of them must be treated accordingly to achieve
maximum satisfaction (Hill, Brierley, & MacDougall, 2017).
Hill, N., Brierley, J., & MacDougall, R. (2017). How to measure customer satisfaction.
Mishan, E. J., & Quah, E. (2020). Cost-benefit analysis. Routledge.
Ulu, C., Honhon, D., & AlptekinoÄŸlu, A. (2012). Learning consumer tastes through dynamic
assortments. Operations Research, 60(4), 833-849.
Weller, A. E. (2017). Aligning responsible business practices: A case study. Business Ethics:
A European Review, 26(4), 457-467.
Yang, M., & Gabrielsson, P. (2017). Entrepreneurial marketing of international high-tech
business-to-business new ventures: A decision-making process perspective. Industrial
Marketing Management, 64, 147-160.
End Customer Evaluation and Assumption Validation
2 March 2017 10:07 PM
End Customer Evaluation and Assumption Validation
Primary Market Research Worksheet I: Preparation
1. Secondary market research sources and key lessons learned:
Trade publications: the key lesson learned is that there is an increased awareness of the pet-boarding services as a way of
safeguarding the welfare of parents.
Magazines: Many people are aware of the pet-boarding services but they are not sure if these services meet the highest quality
levels that will guarantee the interests of their pets
Newspapers: many consumers of pet-boarding services are often concerned about the costs of the services. Apparently, the
costs of pet-boarding are a major hindrance to the consumption of the services.
2. Profile(s) of the people you want to engage with (e.g., description of end user, economic buyer, champion, industry analysts,
influencers; description should be enough to help you identify, find, and deselect potential candidates. Can include
demographics and psychographics—see Step 3 for more info):
Targeted Profile Name: Pet-owners
Description: These are the end-users of pet-boarding services. Engaging with them with them may help to understand the
general and unique needs and expectations that they may have.
2nd Targeted Profile Name: Industry analyst
Description: Industry analysts have an understanding of the trends in the industry as well as critical success factors. By
engaging with them, it will be possible to get a better insight of the market and apply knowledge obtained to properly position
the business for success.
2 March 2017 10:07 PM
3rd Targeted Profile Name: Influencers
Description: Influencers have an important role to play in an industry to the extent that they may influence the consumption
decisions of individuals and groups of people. Engaging with them will enhance of knowledge that will be utilized to propel
the business to success.
4th Targeted Profile Name: Industry champion
Description: Industry champions play an important role by setting trends and practices. Engaging industry champions will
help to develop practices that will help the business to achieve the highest levels of excellence in service delivery.
3. Sample Question for interviews
Tell me about your [experience/role as a customer/worker in your target market]?
Tell me your thoughts about [the target market/area of interest]?
What are the top [5] most frustrating things about [the target market/area of interest]?
How do you currently [solve these problems]?
What’s [difficult, annoying] about [area of interest]?
What are the top 5 things you’d like to see improved [general area of interest]?
What do you think about [your solution to the area of interest] as a way to improve your [area topic/area of interest]?
Would you be interested in learning more about [your solution to the area of interest]?
4. Your general survey script (be clear on who you are, why you want to engage, what you are asking for):
I am intending to start a pet-boarding business and I have identified you as a potential target that would help me obtain
necessary information that would help me provide high-quality services that would meet the unique demands and standards of
a wide range of consumers. I have not done this business before and a result I need to get as much as information as possible
before venturing into it. I need to understand the dynamics of the market, customer preferences, industry regulations as well
as critical success factors.
5. Initial candidate list to contact
Name & contact info Profile type
Why you want to engage
with this person plus any
other info tounique
build rapport
Personal Understand
customer needs
preferences market
dynamics consumption
Industry analyst magazine
industry trends
Industry analyst magazine Understand critical success
magazine Understand
2 March 2017 10:07 PM
Primary Market Research Workbook Part 2: Execution
1. Which profile are you engaging with: Influencer
Type of engagement (e.g., interview, observation, test, immersion, other): Interview
2. your general script/framework for engagement (Guidance: open-ended ➜ qualitative
insights/hypotheses ➜[if appropriate] quantitative insights/hypotheses and data)
(approximately 5 key items):
a. Open-ended engagement; engage openly on a wide range of issues with the influencer without
following any structure in the communication. This will make it possible to obtain as much information
as possible from the individual.
b. Structured interview: use pre-prepared notes to guide the conversation. This will help to obtain all the
relevant information and to avoid getting into unhelpful discussions
c. Qualitative insights; use qualitative insights to guide the conversation with a view of obtaining the most
relevant information regarding the subject under consideration.
d Quantitative insights; try as much as possible to obtain the most relevant data on the industry since the
data may be an important aspect of decision-making for the business.
e. Case reviews; review cases of some of the practical instances where businesses in the same industry
have progressed and the possible issues that contributed to the success or failure of the businesses.
3. What did you learn?
The primary lesson that I learned is that there are a lot of variables that influence the success of petboarding business. A lot of the factors, however, depend on the business owners.
2 March 2017 10:07 PM
4. What surprised you?
I was surprised to hear that there are several legal issues facing business owners in this industry. Many
people in this industry have been sued for negligence and it has cost them a lot.
5. What did you seem to confirm? how and why?
What I confirmed is that pet-boarding business can be immensely profitable when it is properly
planned and managed. There are cases of businesses in this field that have done well as a result of
proper planning and there are also those that have collapsed as a result of poor planning.
2 March 2017 10:07 PM
6. What did you seem to invalidate? how and why?
One thing that I invalidated is the idea that this business is unsustainable in the long run.
What I learned from the engagement is that whether or not the business will last long depends
on the management skills of the proprietors.
7. What new questions were raised in this engagement?
One prominent question that arose during the interview was on whether I want to run the
business alone or I would like to partner with other persons to enhance the quality of
managing the business.
8. List of additional future candidates obtained from current
Name & contact
Profile type
Why does the current candidate think we
should engage with this person, plus any other
info to build rapport
This user has used these services for over 10
The user has had a long history of getting
services from these service providers
This user has in the past had problems with
the service providers in this field and her input
may help me improve my business.
She has in the past provided advisory to startups in the sector and she may be of much help
in this regard
Simpson is actively involved in running some
businesses of this nature and he will be of
much help in trying to get this business
2 March 2017 10:07 PM
9. What changes should I make for the next survey?
I should allocate more time for the survey. The time available for this one was too short.
Qualitative insights/hypotheses updated (could be more or less than 3):
Pet-boarding is a profitable venture
b. The success and failure of the business depends hugely on the business owners
c. Pet-boarding business may attract legal issues when the owners are neglectful.
Quantitative insights/hypotheses updated (optional—only if appropriate and you are far
enough along) (could be more or less than 3):
script update:
a. Open-ended engagement
b. Structured interview conversation
c. Quantitative approach to the engagement
2 March 2017 10:07 PM
The BMC Narrative
The BMC Narrative
After coming up with an MVP, it now comes to digesting everything already encountered and
summarizing it into a master plan in a business model canvas. This canvas comprises of relevant
information, such as the business’ value proposition, customer segments, and revenue streams. In
other words, it should resemble something like the above.
Key Partners
For our business, pet boarding services, we identify key partners that will assist us in
various ways, including benchmarking and consulting, in order to have a deeper understanding
of critical areas that define our business. These can include Pet Industry Distributors Association,
Open Farm, and Pet Owners Consortium. Each of the above partners has extensive knowledge
concerning their areas hence are extremely important to our business. For instance, Pet Owners
Consortium has immense knowledge regarding some of the challenges that pet owners go
through. Such information can help us at the company to tailor our services in a manner that will
ensure they address the challenges.
Key Activities
The next are key activities that entail the business service provision. For the business to
be able to deliver on its key services, which include a customer using the company’s ecommerce
website and requesting for pet boarding service, then making the payment prior to the company
dispatching a collector, which then collects and returns the pet at the expiry of the specified days,
the following are some of the important activities: collecting pets from owners, sourcing pet
foods, developing marketing strategies and forming advertising partners.
Key Resources
In order to carry out the above activities, there are primary resources that will be needed.
They include Ecommerce that accepts weekly and monthly payments, a support desk, social
media, qualified vets, and a warehouse.
Value Proposition
In terms of value proposition, the following are the issues that will make customers
consider our company for the pet boarding services. They include free pet pick-up (collection)
and return, free light treatment, flexible payment terms, easy use user interface, and on-site price
Customer Relations
On the other hand, the company will build a close relationship with its customers in order
to build a better working relationship and enhance service provision. The relationship will be
friendly, conversational and up-close, and professional. Channels through which the company
will be reaching the customers mostly comprises customer referrals social media such as
Facebook and Instagram, promoting through pet sellers and distributors and through local vets.
Customer Segment
This section details issues that are of great importance to the customers. These include
peace of mind, convenience, doorstep delivery, and value for money. The business will be
focusing on delivering the above in the best way possible.
Cost Structure and Revenue Streams
Closing the BMC is cost structure and revenue streams. Basically we they refer to areas
where the company will spend much of its investment capital while revenue streams include the
services that will bring income to the company. The company will spend mostly on elements
such as ecommerce website acquisition and maintenance-related costs, employee salaries, social
media influencers, shipping, light treatment of pets, and food or the pet on board. On the other
hand, major revenue streams will include weekly and monthly subscriptions, one-time sales, and
consultancy services.
Business Model Canvas
The Business Model Canvas
â–ª Open Farm
â–ª Pet Owners
â–ª Developing marketing
(collection) and return
â–ª Free light treatment
â–ª Forming advertising partners â–ª Flexible payment
Key Resources
â–ª Easy to use userâ–ª Ecommerce that accepts
weekly and monthly payment â–ª On-site price
â–ª Support desk
â–ª Social media
â–ª Qualified vets
â–ª Warehouse
â–ª Up-close and
â–ª Conversational
Ecommerce related costs
Employee salaries
Social media influencers
Light treatment of pets
Pet foods
â–ª Convenience
â–ª Door step delivery
â–ª Value for money
Customer referrals
Facebook and
Promoting through
pet sellers and
Through local vets
â–ª Weekly and monthly subscriptions
â–ª One time sales
â–ª Consultancy services
• Purewal, R., Christley, R., Kordas, K., Joinson, C., Meints, K., Gee, N., &
Westgarth, C. (2019). Socio-demographic factors associated with pet
ownership amongst adolescents from a UK birth cohort. BMC Veterinary
Research, 15(1). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12917-019-2063-x
Minimal Viable Products
Minimal Viable Products
This refers to
the early
version of
the product
with few
features that
adopters can
identify with
Hypothesis: many
people need this service
Generate Minimal
Viable Products
Achieve ProductMarket Fit
Customer Interviews
• Involves interviewing a minimum of three critical customer groups that are
likely to be early adopters
– Households with 1-5 year children- extreme users
– Households with children aged between 7 to 12 years – follow up customers
(Purewal et al., 2019)
– Individuals that consult regularly over pets (food, vet service. etc)– last resort
• This is the best way to put to test the business’ ability to look for customers and
engage them
• There are good and bad questions to watch out to during customer interviews
• The strength of survey lies in kind of questions asked
– Surveys can be leading hence should remain as objective as possible
â–ª Conducting surveys in the right way can be quite cumbersome
â–ª Example
â–ª Can you still opt for a pet boarding when the service provider
is not offering collecting and returning at their own cost at a
time you are flying out of the city for a couple of days?
â–ª The feedback on this question help the business make a lot of
critical conclusions.
Smoke Tests
“We are fed well,
cleaned and treated.
No nostalgia!! See
you when you
return …Byee!!
Launch an AdWord
campaign alongside a
landing page to determine
the general reaction of
Prototype: focusing on physical products
• Watch customers interact, ask themto narrate their experience
– Answer questions by reflecting back – “what do you think this does,” don’t correct.
• Then ask questions:
What did they like?
What did they notlike?
What was missing?
What other improvements can theysee?
• Purewal, R., Christley, R., Kordas, K., Joinson, C., Meints, K., Gee, N., &
Westgarth, C. (2019). Socio-demographic factors associated with pet
ownership amongst adolescents from a UK birth cohort. BMC Veterinary
Research, 15(1). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12917-019-2063-x
❑ Pets require human-like care.
❑ Pet owners living alone face a lot
of problems when they have to
travel away from their homes for a
couple of days.
❑ They are often forced to leave
them with their neighbors or travel
with them.
❑ Research shows that 12% of pet
owners have lost their pets through
such arrangements (Applebaum,
Peek, & Zsembik, 2020).
❑ Pet boarding seems to have found
solution to the above problems.
Solution to the Problem
❑ A pet boarding business
that incorporates an ecommerce platform from
where customers make
requests and payments.
❑ The business offers light
clinical care of pets as well
as hygiene services.
❑ The product offering also
include free pet pick-up
and return.
Business model
❑ Subscription model
❑ This refers to how the organization will be making money using its service provision and
customer base.
❑ The company will offer pet boarding service for clients who will reach the company via its
ecommerce platform.
❑ A pet owner will register on the ecommerce platform, makes a request, provides location
details and payment.
❑ Upon receipt of customer request, the company calls to confirm collection time.
❑ The client informs the company upon return. The company returns the pet.
Underlying magic/technology
The underlying magic- customer problem is solved through great convenience
❑ The company’s service provision provides great convenience to customers
❑ Making request at the comfort of their couch
❑ This is achieved through the organization’s e-commerce platform
❑ Pet pick-up and return is carried out the company free of charge
Marketing and sales
ï‚š Marketing message: the company will sell its service by emphasizing customer
convenience, affordable high quality service and free pick-up and return services.
 Target market: households with children aged between 5 – 12 years.
They are the leading demographic in pet owning.
ï‚š Channels: social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin local magazine,
targeting community based organizations and churches.
ï‚š Revenue streams: customer daily request payments, weekly, monthly and yearly
Direct competitors
ï‚š The Pawington – Pet Boarding Facilities: has presence in more than seven states (Wyoming, Idaho,
West Virgina, Vermont, Indiana, Colorado, Nebraska etc.
ï‚š Offers vet and boarding pet services.
ï‚š Indirect Competition
ï‚š Pet Owners Association- discouraging members (pet owners) from using pet boarding homes over
disease spread.
ï‚š Lugo Pet Boarding Company will be a private company operating within the jurisdiction of
respective local governments.
ï‚š The team comprises the management (CEO), a sales marketing expert, a veterinary
clinician, customer care and delivery riders.
ï‚š Everyone has a personal experience with the current business idea hence the passion
ï‚š Professional skills (marketing experts, veterinary clinicians).
ï‚š Every single member of the team contributes through professional skills.
Projections and milestones
ï‚š Projections after first quarter:
ï‚š Gained market share- at least 25%
 Target market: accessed and locked in – 30%
ï‚š Sales- projected sales after first quarter is $ 105, 000
Milestones for the business
ï‚š Creating a marketing plan
ï‚š Hiring more employees
ï‚š Break-eve after first year of operation
Status and timeline
Already achieved
 Determination of the company’s legal structure
ï‚š Development/acquisition of the e-commerce platform
ï‚š Business plan development and implementation
ï‚š Social media marketing
What is next?
❑ First quarter performance evaluation
❑ Development of a marketing plan
❑ Hire more employees as the need level gows
Summary and call to action
ï‚š The business seeks to solve an existing problem- pet owners to find where to leave their
parts as they travel.
ï‚š The solution is a pet boarding business that incorporates an e-commerce platform from
where customers make requests and payments.
ï‚š The adopted business model- subscription model.
ï‚š Success of the business will largely depend on the effectiveness of marketing activitiessocial media platforms.
ï‚š Applebaum, J. W., Peek, C. W., & Zsembik, B. A. (2020). Examining US pet ownership using
the General Social Survey. The Social Science Journal, 1-10.

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