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A sound training program enhances the different knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees, thus
improving how well they perform on the job. Consequently, training is considered to be a critical source of
competitive differentiation for organizations from an HR perspective.
Your assignment this week is to first watch videos of Ocean. The videos will give you an excellent
example of a company that effectively manages employee training. Ocean House is a five-star resort in
Rhode Island. Daniel Hostettler, the president and group managing director, emphasizes that it is difficult
to work at Ocean House. In an employee meeting, Hostettler reads a letter from a guest praising Ocean
House. Hostettler describes how difficult it is to get and keep a five-star rating. A five-star inspection
report is about 60–70 pages long and has 600 standards. Inspections occur three times a year. The entire
team must pass every standard because service must meet consistently high ratings across the entire
resort. Because local workers had no experience with high-quality resorts or restaurants, Ocean House
decided to “hire for behavior and train for skill.” Alice Brennan, the director of associate relations and
recruiting, was challenged by hiring employees in a town with no experience with this type of business.
Ocean House had to start training at the ground level and develop employees’ skills to five-star service.
Brennan describes training as an ongoing responsibility for every employee. Ocean House also spends
money on a formal training program. Hostettler says that the people of Ocean House are more important
than the location. In the long run, he says, the investment in people pays off.
After watching, reflect on your own training experiences in your current and previous jobs and write a
short, 2-page report summarizing the training that you received, as well as how well this training prepared
you for your job assignments. You should also focus on how this training could have been improved. The
report should be approximately 2 single-spaced pages (12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins;
page count does not include title page or bibliography if included). The file submitted should be in
Microsoft Word format.

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