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TASK   DESCRIPTION: Individual Case Study


Virgin Money Disrupting the UK Banking Sector: Case Study

Virgin Money (VM) is the UK’s 6th largest bank, with 6.5m customers, an innovative digital platform, and a national network of stores, contact centres and relationship managers. The strategic ambition of the Virgin Money is to disrupt the status quo of the personal and small business banking markets. The strategic priorities of VM include pioneering growth, delighted customers and colleagues, super straightforward efficiency and discipline and sustainability. In today’s world, achieving the strategic priorities means accelerating the development towards

becoming a Digital First bank. The VM believe this will bring sustainable, long-term growth.

By using the case study of Virgin Money, you are required to examine the economic environment within which businesses operate in the United Kingdom. Moreover, you are also required to examine the global business environment and its impact on countries with an emphasis on the United Kingdom.

You are needed to use relevant theories and models to properly analyse the case study and support your arguments.

marking   criteria and Student FEEDBACK – ASSIGNMENT 2

This section details the assessment criteria. The


to which these are demonstrated by you determines your mark. The marks available for each criterion are shown. Lecturers use a similar format to comment on the achievement of the task(s), including those areas in which you have performed well and areas that would benefit from development/improvement.

Common Assessment Criteria Applied

Marks   available



1. Research-informed Literature

Extent   of research and/or own reading, selection of credible sources, application of   appropriate referencing conventions.

Providing   evidence of the appropriate reading/ references that form the basis of the   insights in your essay.


2. Knowledge and Understanding of   Subject

Extent   of knowledge and understanding of concepts and underlying principles associated   with the discipline.

Demonstrating   familiarity with the selected concepts/ models used in your presentation.


3. Analysis

Analysis,   evaluation and synthesis; logic, argument and judgement; analytical   reflection; organisation of ideas and evidence

Demonstrating   conceptual insights into the potential values of the selected academic   concepts/ models.


4. Practical Application and Deployment

Deployment   of methods, materials, tools and techniques; application of concepts;   formulation of innovative and creative solutions to solve problems.

Applying   your conceptual insights to successfully address the situations faced by your   chosen organisation. Making recommendations for future plans and strategies.


5. Skills for Professional   Practice

Attributes   in professional practice: individual and collaborative working; deployment of   appropriate media; presentation and organisation.

Quality   of the presentation.

Potential   effectiveness in terms of getting your messages across to your intended   audience.




Assignment   Mark

(Assessment marks are subject to ratification at the UoS   Assessment Board.  These comments and   marks are to give feedback on module work and are for guidance only until   they are confirmed. )

72 Hour   Late Submission Penalties (tick if appropriate)


Learning   Outcomes tested

(from   module descriptor)

Assessment   CriteriaTo achieve each outcome a student must demonstrate the ability to:

Demonstrate an understanding        on the key elements of the internal environment of organisations and the        interaction with the external environment.

The   essay task enables the student to demonstrate an understanding of how   organisations make decisions based on the external environment. In this case,   the impact that demand has had on prices of goods.

Identify how a market economy        functions and the role of government within it

The   case study enables the student to demonstrate an understanding of how the   market economy works and the principles of government that create the   framework for it.

Examine the economic        environment within which businesses operate in the United Kingdom

In   the essay the student is required to look at the market situation within the   United Kingdom, with reference to a specific business environment.

Examine the global business environment and explain        why countries benefit from trade with each other.

The   case study provides the student with the opportunity to look at the macro   environment and at how specified countries are impacted by international   economic scenarios.

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