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Group 3 instructions

: Everybody in this group, please read my instructions in the opening thread of this forum, and then choose the questions in forum 8 that you wish to answer. Please post your forum 8 comments by Saturday, December 12. (Notify me of your forum question choices by 5 PM on Friday, Dec. 11)

(Once a question has been chosen by a member of group 3, the question will be highlighted in yellow and the individual who selected the question will have his/her name indicated at the end of the question. Questions 1-5 pertain to pp. 237-260 of Between the Conquests, questions 6-9 pertain to the Rojas and Ornelas readings in Between the Conquests. Even though the Maythee Rojas section is the only required reading from Between the Conquests in this module, you may need to review the optional BTC readings to answers to answer some of these questions.)

1. What is the general tone of John L. O’Sullivan’s remarks about Manifest Destiny?

2. How would you characterize the tone of President Polk in his war message to Congress in May 1846? Do you think Polk was justified in delivering this message?

3. What are the main provisions of Articles VIII and IX in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? Why do you think these articles are politically important for the Chicano populations today?

4. What was the issue in the Protocol of Queretaro? What do you think the protocol suggests about US-Mexico relations and the treatment of the Mexican-American populations after the US-Mexico War?

5. Briefly summarize the story of Josefa of Downieville. Describe who she was, and what happened to her.

6. According to Maythee Rojas, how were Mexican women portrayed in the California newspapers in the 1850s?

7. How does Mike Ornelas describe the evolving view of Chicanos in Texas and Arizona?

8. How does Mike Ornelas describe the evolving view of Chicanos in California and New Mexico?

9 What do you think are the main points that William Weeks presents in his article? How do you think the United States was being transformed at this time, based on economic and political factors?

10. Based upon your examination of the US lecture outlines, Powerpoint programs, and readings, how would you assess the US-Mexico War? Could this episode have been avoided? Or was this something that was inevitable based upon the distinct histories of the US and Mexico?

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