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Assessment Description

The purpose of this assignment is to create an educational program that supports the implementation of risk management strategies in a health care organization.

In this assignment, you will develop an outline for an “in?service”?style educational risk management program for employees of a particular health care organization that will then form the basis for a PowerPoint presentation in Topic 5. Select your topic for this educational session from one of the proposed recommendations or changes you suggested in the Risk Management Program Analysis – Part One assignment to enhance, improve, or secure compliance standards in your chosen risk management plan example.

Create a 500?750-word comprehensive outline that communicates the following about your chosen topic:


: Identify the risk management topic you have chosen to address and      why it is important within your health care sector.


: Illustrate how this risk management strategy is lacking within      your selected organization’s current risk management plan and explain how      its implementation will better meet local, state, and federal compliance      standards.


: Provide data that indicate the need for this proposed risk      management initiative and demonstrate how it falls under the      organization’s legal responsibility to provide a safe health care facility      and work environment.


: Describe the steps to implement the proposed strategy in your      selected health care organization.


: Predict obstacles the health care organization may face in executing      this risk management strategy and propose solutions to navigate or preempt      these potentially difficult outcomes.


: Outline your plan to evaluate the success of the proposed risk      management program and how well it meets the organization’s short-term,      long-term, and end goals.


: Recommend additional risk management improvements in adjacent      areas of influence that the organization could or should address moving      forward.

Topic: Infection Control in Health care organization.

Assessment Description

Create a 10-15 slide Power Point presentation of your evidence-based intervention and change proposal to be disseminated to an interprofessional audience of leaders and stakeholders. Include the intervention, evidence-based literature, objectives, resources needed, anticipated measurable outcomes, and how the intervention would be evaluated. Submit the presentation in the digital classroom for feedback from the instructor.

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