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Discussion (Chapter 13): Research Apple Home Pod. How does it interact with smart home devices?  Alexa is now connected to smart home devices such as thermostats and microwaves. Find examples of other appliances that are connected to Alexa and write a report.

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Student 1:
Apple has already made a huge improvement to the Home pod, offering a more comprehensive
Siri integration feature. Siri will interact with Home Pod’s music from any connected device via Siri. The
device can be used as a remote control for music playback. Research Apple Home Pod is equipped with
Bluetooth and WIFI to communicate with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as thermostats, lights,
thermostat timers, and security systems. It will also work with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as
door locks, garage door openers, smoke detectors, security cameras, and existing Wi-Fi home networks
devices such as DVRs, Dimmers, and TVs. When a research apple home pod communicates with a smart
home device, the device will update to include the research apple home pod in the settings
(Abdolrahmani et al., 2018). It will also show up in the device’s notifications. A research apple home pod
for voice control over smart home devices adds a research apple home pod in the home settings, adds a
voice command, and tap voice control. It can also ask to control specific devices by saying OK, research
apple home pod activates. It is a research-oriented speaker intended for the advanced user to develop
their music and entertainment skills to enhance listening and entertainment experience in a home
environment, and at the same time be able to use it to monitor their music and entertainment playback,
without having to take off the speaker to do so. It has a built-in USB port and remote control, released
soon (Abdolrahmani et al., 2018).
Research Apple Home Pod is the most advanced product they have ever created for the home. It
is the ultimate gateway to Apple Music, Apple’s best music service, and an easy way to listen to music
from the iTunes library and other devices to have in the home. Research Apple Home Pod is also a new
way to enjoy the radio stations that Apple provides through Apple Music. The device, powered by
Amazon’s Echo, can also be used as a security camera. As a result, the company focuses on home
security as a key area for expansion in the future. The company is creating tools and services that have
been designed for the task, such as its Amazon Security Gateway (Sharda et al., 2020). The Research
Apple Home Pod is a device to bring the power of Apple technology directly to the home. It was
designed to interact with smart devices and smart home products and services. By connecting to them,
access the home control devices to get things done or set up new ones and monitor data on them like
temperature and humidity. With Apple, it can control the home with ease. It is the easiest way to
control the house, and they have access to everything need right in the kitchen. The Research Apple
Home Pod will interact with the devices installed with the iOS device, allowing the user to manage them
from within Research Apple Home Pod (Sharda et al., 2020).
Abdolrahmani, A., Kuber, R., & Branham, S. M. (2018, October). ” Siri Talks at You” An Empirical
Investigation of Voice-Activated Personal Assistant (VAPA) Usage by Individuals Who Are Blind.
In Proceedings of the 20th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and
Accessibility (pp. 249-258).
Sharda, R., Delen, Dursun, and Turban, E. (2020). Analytics, Data Science, & Artificial Intelligence:
Systems for Decision Support. 11th Edition. By PEARSON Education. Inc.
Student 2:
Apple Home Pod
Apple Home pods are Apple’s speaker for listening to high-quality music wherever one is. Home
pods can adapt to any place and still offer high-quality music. Just like other speakers, Home Pods are
one of those wireless Bluetooth devices but are built to interact with all apple devices, built on high-end
technology, and offer a great user experience. Home Pods are seen as a competitive product for other
products such as Google Home and Amazon echo. Home pods only support the music that is from Apple
music (Costello, 2020).
Apple Home pods are built with high-quality technology, such as the one that the iPhone 6
series work on. Home pods use Apple’s HomeKit to connect to other Apple devices. Siri is used to
control the overall music in the Home Pod. One can tell Siri the kind of music that one likes and dislikes;
this will help Siri give someone better music recommendations (Costello, 2020). One can tell Siri the type
of music to play, and with the great support that Apple music offers, Siri can automatically choose a
million songs to play. Siri can also answer questions such as “who is the artist of that song.”
Due to the many advantages that Alexa offers, it is now integrated with many devices recently.
It is connected to an air conditioner from Frigidaire, allowing it to turn it on and off, and adjusting the
temperatures. It is also connected with a smoke detector from Bosch which, when it detects smoke,
switches off all devices connected to that particular device. Other appliances from GE also use Alexa to
help control them. Some appliances from GE that are integrated with Alexa are dishwasher, washer,
fridges, and ovens. Other companies such as LG and Samsung also have appliances such as fridges,
dishwashers, and air conditioners that use Alexa (Wroclawski, 2018).
Costello, S. (2020, March 14). Everything You Need to Know About Apple HomePod. Retrieved from
Lifewire: https://www.lifewire.com/apple-homepod-4146975
Wroclawski, D. (2018, March 02). Which Smart Appliances Work With Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and
More. Retrieved from Consumer Report: https://www.consumerreports.org/appliances/smartappliances-that-work-with-amazon-alexa-google-home-andmore/#:~:text=Both%20Alexa%20and%20Google%20Assistant,control%20Samsung%20ovens%20or%20

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