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Final Self-Reflection Paper Instructions

The Final Self-Reflection Assignment is an exercise intended to prompt you to engage in the process of reflective learning while demonstrating self-awareness, self-evaluation, and the ability to develop a specific action plan that will aid them in improving their counseling skills. You will complete this assignment in correlation with the Practicum Final Evaluation completed by the student’s approved supervisor as well as by reflecting on material learned in previous courses in order to integrate learning into practice.

The assignment must be 5 pages long, and it must address the following questions:


What ethical issues have you encountered or observed during your Practicum? How did your site and supervisor address those ethical issues? What have you learned from your supervisor and from reading the ACA Code of Ethics on how to address these ethical issues?

Human Growth and Development:

What client population did you work with (children, adolescents, adults, senior adults)? How has what you have learned in your Human Growth & Development (COUC 502) course been apparent in “the real world” with this population?

Counseling Theories:

What main theoretical approaches are used in your site? What have you learned from observing these approaches? Make sure to name at least 1 theory and to check with your supervisor if you are unsure what theory/theories are used most often at your site.

Counseling Skills:

What basic skills learned in COUC 505 did you observe being used in counseling sessions? What skills did you identify easily and what skills did you have difficulty identifying? Describe some specific elements of the counseling process that you learned in COUC 505 and observed at your site. What types of homework assignments were given to clients?

Reflection of Action Plan:

Were you successful at implementing the action plan you proposed during the Midterm Self-Evaluation? Explain why or why not and provide specific examples.

Biblical Worldview

: How does your Christian faith influence your view of counseling? If you are in a secular site or government agency, how does your site address the issue of religion in counseling? If you are at a Christian site, what have you learned at your site about addressing religious and diversity issues? For example, what is your site’s perspective on issues such as cohabitation, abortion, homosexuality, and other controversial issues? Based on your experiences this semester, how are you planning to address issues of faith and diversity in counseling?

You must follow the current APA guidelines, which include a title page, running header, the 6 headings provided above in bold as main headings, any sub-headers deemed necessary, and a reference page. You may use 1st person in this assignment.


must include a minimum of 5 appropriate sources and include citations and a reference page

. Appropriate sources include textbooks from previous courses and empirically-reviewed journal articles.

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