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As a manager, what are some policies you could implement to keep your workers engaged at their jobs?

How would you ensure all employee personalities are accounted for in this plan?

Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

Complete  the True Colors Personality Quiz by clicking on the link below or  typing it into a new web browser. I will also send the link to you in a  separate email. This will help you understand how your color interacts  with those with the same and different colors in your personal and  professional relationships! Then, you will be able to avoid potential  conflicts and better manage challenging situations to look like the  leader that you truly are in your organization


I  look forward to everyone sharing the results of their True Colors  Personality Quiz assessments! The beauty of understanding yourself  better will allow you to better interact with your co-workers, friends  and familial relationships.

I scored the highest characteristics in the BLUE BLUE category, and I am in total agreement! Wow! It really works!

Based  on your colors, try to assess the colors of your co-workers, friends  and family members for fun (feel free to have those who agree to  complete the quiz themselves!!). Based on what you learn, you will gain  more insight into how best to interact  with them to establish better working relationships. You will become a  master at conflict management/avoidance, also! Your work and home  environments should become more pleasant, enjoyable and productive for  all involved. Teaming exercises should also be more productive. Yes,  brainstorming exercises with your co-workers can actually be fun, after  all! All employees will be courteous and respectful of each other…all  because of your findings and your ability to manage them differently  based on their personality colors!!

The  key is peeling back the layers of each person to gain a better  understanding of what makes them tick, for lack of a better word.  Approaching them from this perspective demonstrates that you took the  time to learn and care about  them. They will feel more connected to you and supportive of your  efforts. They will work harder for you as long as you celebrate their  successes as a team, also. An example that I will share with you  involved a weekly ice breaker event I would hold where each team member  would bring in a different cultural dish. I purposely hired a team of  diverse employees and encouraged cultural acceptance. Although it was  only food, everyone shared and discussed the history of their meals  based on their cultural backgrounds. This dove-tailed into discussions  about their families and allowed them to peel back the layers of their  lives in a non-threatening way to get to know each other. They were able  to discuss more sensitive issues with respect and understanding, and I  found that they operated as a true team, cheering each other! Needless  to say, we achieved our results by a huge margin, and yes, we had to  celebrate with a team dinner

Try to complete this discussion question with this type of information in mind. To apply this exercise to  your real-world  situations, be sure to include your organization’s  goals. That will help you determine the best course of action when  creating your cohesive teams within your organizations in real life. I  always like to have fun in my work day. In fact, my motto is, “we can  have fun, but we must get the work done!” I have discovered the employees that are having fun are more creative,  helpful, forgiving, supportive and productive. They will stay late with  you because they see you rolling up your sleeves working alongside  them, no matter how menial the task. That’s a true leader!!

Hope this helps!


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