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Your company, Northwind Traders – a global food and beverage distribution company, is rapidly expanding. Northwind needs more cost-effective, scalable means to manage your day to day transactional data needs. Your internal management team has been tasked with proposing cloud-based solutions to expand Northwind’s operations.

Some initial exploration has led you to Amazon Web Services (AWS), but you are still uncertain about the specifics of your solution and needs. You’ve saved these pages to review again (the following are links to the pages on the AWS site):

What is AWS?

(Links to an external site.)

AWS Solutions Library

(Links to an external site.)

AWS Architecture Center

(Links to an external site.)

Norhtwind currently employs about 30 people, but you may need to expand as your customer base grows. You currently serve almost 90 customer accounts across 21 countries, with plans to move into four more by the end of this time next year, based on your current action plans and forecasting.

Northwind’s current data needs are mostly structured, transactional data. In the future you may need to move toward a big data and real-time analytics platform, but that is not in your immediate (6 month) forecasting.

Northwind’s leaders have plans within the next two years to enhance the mobile/tablet application to give ease of management to your customer accounts, to automate elements of your sales process, and to enhance your data integrations into point of sale (POS) systems.


Given the scenario, draft a memo to your company’s leadership. The purpose of this memo is to make a decision between the three cloud services to which you have narrowed your search. It is important to not only make a decision, but to defend that decision.

Create a Microsoft Word or Google Docs document using a

Business Letter/Memo

template (

how to do this in Word


how to do this in Google Docs

). In this letter/memo include the following:

Your choice of cloud services to meet your company’s immediate needs

A minimum of five (5) substantive reasons why this is your choice

Employ evidence from the scenario, from AWS’s site resources, and other third party sources to enhance your defense of your choice

Make sure to fully cite any sources you use

Two (2) proposed future scenarios to be employed once this existing choice is in place.

Again, leverage evidence to support your decision and cite any sources you use

Think of this as a roadmap extending beyond your initial solution offering

Plan for the next five (5) years

Use of proper, professional language, tone, and grammar

Consider this a business proposal that would be turned into your company’s upper management

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