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The story took place in the nineteenth century, and the main character of the story was Miss Emily who lived in the fictional town of Jefferson in the State of Mississippi. The story begins with Miss Emily’s death. She died alone without nobody assisting her during this sadness. The Funeral was attended by the whole town. Many people want to visit her house out of curiosity, which also shows that Miss Emily’s direct relationship with her neighbors was confrontational. It also laid the groundwork for the promotion of the story.

As I see, even though miss Emily is a part of the community of Jefferson, she tries to keep herself separate from it. Indeed, after her father’s death, she’s rarely seen in town. Miss Emily has not been seen in town for almost six months. When she stops giving china-painting lessons, she stays secluded until her death. Isolation certainly makes her life worse and contributes to her abnormal psychology.

Miss Emily’s mental state can be linked to her previous endurances in which she went through. One, already mentioned, was keeping her dead father’s body for three days. Everything starts changing after Miss Emily’s father died, and Miss Emily denies her father’s death. Even Miss Emily acted normal no mood on her face, telling everyone her father was not dead for three days. She refused to take the truth. Miss Emily knows no one going to protect her anymore. When Miss Emily’s father died in 1894, the mayor, Colonel Sartoris, waived all her future taxes out of charity, but on the fiction that this would repay a loan from her father. Years later, a new body of politicians mail her a tax notice. She maintained a lovely relationship with Homer who led a construction company that oversaw pavement in Jefferson. Miss Emily who was sick reappeared with a short haircut. There are whispers in town about the relationship. However, when Homer left, some ladies called on her. She doesn’t receive them. She isn’t seen in town for almost six months. All the things Miss Emily is going through are made her life stressful and hopeless. She bought poison when gossip spreads this rumor, townspeople thought Miss Emily killed herself. Overall, Miss Emily’s experience was sad, the unfair treatment she received was not deserved, and the vitriol of people in the town ruined Miss Emily’s life.

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