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For your final project in this course, you will submit a five-page research paper that focuses on one key theme, principle, or topic from the field of management. It is important to identify a management topic that you find interesting early, as you will be working on the final project throughout the course. For this milestone, you will identify three areas of management you are interested in exploring.

To successfully complete this assignment, view the

Milestone 1 Rubric document


Final Project document.

You need to doo Milestone 1 only for now and Final Project will be later.

Running is a popular recreational activity for many people. Some people do it to lose weight, others do it for
health reasons, and others do it because of the runner’s high they get. In the past few years, some people have
suggested that running too much may not be good for you while others suggest that is just not true.
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Read the following articles from the New York Times and NPR.
New York Times Article Link
NPR News Article Link
After reading those articles, answer the following questions:
1. Compare and contrast the article from the New York Times and NPR. What did they have in
common and what differences did you find in their suggestions for running? Include at least
3 different examples in your response. Do not copy and paste from the articles but put it in
your own words. (About 100 words)
2. After reading these articles, what are your thoughts on the benefits and/or dangers of
running? Explain which parts of the articles specifically influenced your thoughts on
running. This should be at least 3-4 sentences.
When you get done posting your answers to these questions, comment on at least 2 other people’s
responses to get full credit for the discussion board.
Also, a reminder to keep the discussion professional and respectful as you respond to your
classmates. Check your grammar and do not use phrases you would use when texting

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