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Movie Review Instructions


The point behind both movie review assignments is simply to get you thinking deeply about the movies you watch. For example, you must pick 1 of the following approved movies and watch it through the eyes of a movie critic:


De La Noy, K., & Nolan, C. (2008).

The dark knight

. United States: Warner Bros.

Franco, L., & Nolan, C. (2005).

Batman begins

. United States: Warner Bros.

Gotoh, J., & Stanton, A. (2003).

Finding nemo

. United States: Walt Disney Pictures.

Jackson, P. (2001).

The lord of the rings: The fellowship of the ring

. New Zealand: New Line Cinema.

Jackson, P. (2002).

The lord of the rings: The two towers

. New Zealand: New Line Cinema.

Jackson, P. (2003).

The lord of the rings: The return of the king

. New Zealand: New Line Cinema.

Nolan, C. (2006).

The prestige

. United States: Touchstone Pictures.

Nolan, C. (2010).


. United States: Warner Bros. Pictures.


(Note: Read Chapter 8 of the Johnston text to gain a better understanding)


Look for specific things as you watch the movie. Ask questions about it. For example, do you feel that the story was well-told and well-balanced? Why or why not? Are the characters strong? Does each scene fit the purpose of moving the story forward towards its conclusion, or were some scenes useless? Did you personally like the movie? Why or why not? You must be specific in this. If there are certain things that you didn’t like, explain what they were and why you didn’t like them or vice versa.


These are the types of things you will need to address in both of your reviews.


Your reviews must be structured like this:



: Offer a brief plot summary and describe the main characters. This section must not be more than 1 page.


: Move into your critique of the movie. Content is key on these assignments. The instructor needs to know that you truly engaged with the movie. Your analysis must be based upon Johnston’s logic in Chapter 8 of

Reel Spirituality

. This section must be 1–2 pages.


: Tell your audience your opinion of the movie and defend your opinion with genuine arguments.

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