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The software requirements specification (SRS)? Software
requirements specification capture system behavior as opposed to
non-functional requirements specifications which define attributes as
not behavior. This ‘functionality’ refers to services, tasks or functions
the user performs using the system in question.
In this Mastery assignment you will construct a use case to gather
those requirements from the users. First, select a social media
platform you are familiar with and use regularly, an example being the
facebook or similar social media site.
Use Case Modeling
Select a social media site (example the registration process)
a) Refine the scope of the system. Describe in 2-3 paragraphs the
scale of the organization sponsoring the system, and their target
audience (customer base).
b) Identify the actors involved in use of the system. Remember to
include appropriate management and system support personnel, and
external systems if applicable.
c) Identify about 8-12 significant (i.e. non-trivial) use cases for the
system. Remember that each type of actor should have some use
cases, and include support, management, and administrative
functions, not just end user functions.
d) Determine the primary actor for each use
Prepare a use case diagram for your system.
f) Pick one use case, and provide detailed documentation of that
use case.
g) Pick two other use cases, and provide casual documentation of
those use cases.
In summary, from this Mastery Assignment I expect to see:
From part a), 2-3 paragraphs of text.
From part e), the use case diagram.
From part f), one detailed use case description.
From part g), two casual use case descriptions.
For casual use case descriptions, use the following template:
Use case number and name
Primary Actor
Main Success Scenario
For the detailed use case description, use the following template:
Use case number and name
Primary Actor
Secondary Actor(s)
Main Success Scenario
Performance time
Open Issues

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