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Research and select a law enforcement agency (preferably in your community) in relation to outlining a strategic planning process. Make sure you are able to access information about the agency for all the required parts of the assignment. Do not use massive federal agencies, for example: ATF, DEA, or the FBI. Make sure you are using a legitimately constituted criminal justice agency. This agency must be identified by name, as it will be the foundation for upcoming assignments. Also, you cannot use any of the strategic plans that are shown in course materials, especially the one from the Scottsdale, AZ Police Department. I suggest you review each week’s assignment and course resources before committing to an agency.

Assess the public safety issues in your selected law enforcement organization as they correlate with the agency’s mission, vision, and goals.

Create an APA-style (full sentience) outline of at least one page that details the initial steps in the strategic planning process for the selected criminal justice organization and correlating public safety issues. Chapter One of the Bryson text defines a strategic plan as “. . . a deliberative, disciplined approach to producing fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is, what it does, and why” (p. 7). The plan must be for the agency as a whole; it cannot be a plan for an individual unit such as the detective division, SWAT team, etc., or in response to a single issue, such as civil unrest, COVID-19, or mass shootings. The outline is 50% of the content grade. Headings for outline sections should be the same as the objectives given in the assignment. For example: if the objective says, “Identify specific public safety issues/challenges,” the outline heading for that section should say the same thing.

Include the following in your outline:

Identify by name or position relevant stakeholders, both internal and external, and describe their roles. You should have a minimum of four internal stakeholders and five external stakeholders (there are many listed in your textbooks; do not guess at what they are).

Identify specific public safety issues/challenges – there must be more than three and specific crime issues must be at least one of them

List strategies for scanning and assessing issues/challenges

Describe in detail data and resources needed to address the issues/challenges

Write a 350-word paper that discusses:

Prioritization of the public safety issues/challenges

Correlation between the organization’s mission, vision, and goals regarding the prioritized issues/challenges

Goals to address the issues/challenges

Both the outline and paper can be in the same document; just make sure there is a clear separation between the two.

This information applies to every formal submission unless stated otherwise: Format your paper according to APA guidelines. Provide at least two scholarly references no older than 10 years for your assignment (be wary of using sources such as Wikipedia and study.com; scholarly sources through the university’s library are preferred). I recommend you review the document under Course Resources titled, “Unacceptable Web Sources” for further guidance. This is only a guide and by no means an exhaustive list, but it will give you an idea of sources not to use. The university library is your best source of information.

Submit your assignment.

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